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Obama admin chooses now to point out routine Russian sub patrols off U.S. coast

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Little-Acorn, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Little-Acorn

    Little-Acorn Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2009
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    San Diego, CA
    As most everyone knows, both the U.S. and Russia have nuclear-powered submarines patrolling off each other's coasts, and have had them since such nuclear subs were first developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Some carry nuclear missiles that can attack the other country's cities (ballistic missile subs), and some have only weapons for attacking the other's ships and submarines (attack subs).

    For some reason, the Obama administration has picked this moment to start emphasizing the presence of these subs, as though they were a new development. They have not explained why they are doing this now, or why they have chosen to point out a few relatively innocuous attack subs that do not carry ballistic missiles. Strangely, they have chosen NOT to mention that the United States has been running similar patrols off the Russian coast for generations, a policy that continues to this day and is a basic part of the Mutually Assured Destruction deterrent that has prevented nuclear war for more than fifty years.

    As Obama's Govt Health Care proposal founders in Congress, he may be trying to divert attention from it to other matters, in hopes of reducing the massive protests that have greeted Congressmen during their August returns to their home districts. Prospects of success in this attempt, are minimal.



    AP sources: Russian subs patrolling off East Coast

    by Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press Writer
    Tue Aug 4, 8:47 pm ET

    WASHINGTON – Two nuclear-powered Russian attack submarines have been patrolling in international waters off the East Coast for several days, in activity reminiscent of the Cold War, defense officials said Tuesday.

    U.S. Northern Command would not comment on the Russian submarines' movement. But in a prepared statement, Northern Command spokesman Michael Kucharek acknowledged the patrols and said the U.S. has been monitoring the two submarines.

    Two senior U.S. officials, however, said the submarines had been patrolling several hundred miles off the coast and so far had done nothing to provoke U.S. military concerns. The officials provided details on condition of anonymity in order to discuss intelligence reports.
  2. Dr.Who

    Dr.Who Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2007
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    Horse Country
    Most conservatives or Republicans would not have a problem with mutually assured destruction and the presence of subs so it will not distract them.

    The people who might be distracted by this, if it is indeed a distraction method, will be liberals.

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