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Obama lawsuits & the "office of

Discussion in 'Elections & Political Parties' started by SusanConstant, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. SusanConstant

    SusanConstant Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    the President elect"???

    So far not one lawsuit I have examined meets the burden it must meet to then be heard and win. First and foremost unless you are a woman you have unclean hands and your question is political and equal protection thus it should not be granted standing as cases that are political and equal protection are not; Bush V Gore was the exception as no third party knew how or why to receive standing. As far as I know I am the only person standing as original jursidcition; I do not know if I am the only woman and this then led me to receive an interesting email from a person in a lower or other court:

    This person told me he believed my case to be circumspect and suspicious and that I was wrong as...ties in the US Supreme Court are not decided by a sitting President as the lower court ruling stands. He claimed I did not know the law. Nope!

    In any case of original jurisdiction there is no lower or other court ruling; the Supreme Court is the court it begins and ends within. In any case of constitutional authority? If tied it then goes to the sitting president; if the president fails or if he or she decides the case in error? It goes to the Congress. Both the President and Congress are to embody the law thus the people. Congress is to amend existing law or create law if none exists if this happens as an authority case is one in which the law itself is being addressed or lack of it addressed. If Congress fails as usual?

    Constitutional authority then belongs to the individual citizen as we are self-governing. You can and may, as it is precedent known as Marbury, disobey your commanding officers or your fellow citizens and/or sue to dissolve them or even sue to become that officer. Ideally you are to use your vote to address the law and so reason authority, as your vote is your moral authority as well as your legal power.

    Think: As you are to be self-governing you are also to be self-adjudicating. The law is; no other authority exists other than you but the exactly named Creator. All others are your equals. Men have a mistaken belief about this as they cannot or will not reason that a woman can do what I did: Command by issuing Executive Orders that were then obeyed.

    The other interesting thing I have encountered? People who believe Barack Obama is the exception to our law. Hardly, as he advertised himself to be a constitutional law professor. He then can and may be held to a higher standard as he knew better than to place himself on the ballot if he is not natural born as so far? All evidence rising to proof is that he is not. I have zero evidence that he is a natural born citizen and I have seen and heard evidence rising to proof that he is not so why then did he decide he could violate our law when no other person may? I know why: he believes no person can touch him and so there will be no consequences. I have 31 points of law at last count so we could toss natural born as an issue and I'd still have an airtight case. After receiving my suit? His lawyers then called all these suits "garbage" in the public press. Sounds like defamation to me as I am my case!

    The last thing that I find very interesting? That so many of you are falling lock, stock and barrel for his "Office of the President elect" nonesense. He is doing this to condition you to believe he is legal and so hoping you will riot once he is removed from the ballot and this election invalidated. Obama and Co. are now using emotions, words and visual cues to instill a false belief: that he is the President and that he is able and capapble. If I have to I will amend my petition naming defamation and this activity as it is treason, actual treason pure and simple as what Obama and the DNC are doing is overthrowing the law by overthrowing the Executive as once you successfully remove natural born and do so with money at the expense of women then the law is no more; it has died.

    No person can be natural born w/o women, duh. If they are never accorded equality then you always operate at a loss and so no new baby constitutions at some point or the babies you do have are not raised to be American as the loss of self-awareness is so great parents lose the ability as they cannot teach what they never knew or what has been forgotten: US law.

    Ladies, removing the phrase "natural born" is then changing a term, rewriting the law, so that women can and will be denied a right never accorded to them. It is repugnant and makes a violation of Marbury and the discrimination of women and children permanent. First they strip you of all moral authority then they strip you of actual legal power! Do not be so easily fooled as you will not find the Office of the President elect nor any enumerated powers of such an office anywhere in our law.

    Barack Obama is officially making appointments he does not have the power or authority to make. He has broken the law by making it appear as if it is our law by standing at that podium behind that sign and holding official press conferences. His appointments are supposedly at work already. To take it to this level? It is propaganda and ideological warfare; it is treason and we are at war. In your lifetime you have witnessed these kinds of tactics take out or destroy other nations as it renders the people powerless as they come to believe it and act upon it and so let it happen unchecked.

    Obama has claimed the power usually granted to a King or God, as he is creating what does not exist and never will as if it does? It is hereditary rule, dictatorship, communism and/or monarchy but not US government and law!

    Our law is the exact opposite of this.
  2. Pandora

    Pandora Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2008
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    The people's republic of Eugene
    I think the meaning of natural born means like born on US soil not naturally born as meaning not from a test tube.

    A child born in china at birth but adopted to Amricans the next day would not be naturally born on this soil but would be fully American. The law maybe should be changed I wont argue that, but the law is the law so we have to go by it and if we as a nation dont like the existing law we as a nation should vote to change it.

    I had not thought about his appointing people to jobs as being bad or that they are already working on those jobs, being informed exc. we are in dangerous times and need to have a safe as well as peaceful transfer of power
  3. Richard Savage

    Richard Savage Well-Known Member

    Mar 3, 2007
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    The so-called legal controversy over President Elect Obama's eligibility is a nonstarter and a no-brainer. President Elect Obama’s birth certificate has been authenticated by the State of Hawaii; which would be admissible as records of vital statistics under Rule 803(9) of the Federal Rules of Evidence in any action in which such issue was relevant. However, you don’t even get there because the federal courts do not have subject matter jurisdiction for lack of standing of the plaintiffs (appellants) in the case. The lawyers that filed these frivolous lawsuits (and appeals) well knew that they lacked standing to sue, and that such actions would be dismissed; and only did so to generate publicity for themselves. What is interesting is the number of gullible people that have been taken in by this champerty. Indeed, one would think that P.T. Barnum’s estimate on the birthrate of suckers will have to be adjusted for inflation.

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