Acorn voter fraud and the election


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Apr 6, 2008
The people's republic of Eugene
Acorn is a community organizing group that has been in the spot light the last few days. The liberals in congress are trying to give some of the bail out money to this group.

This is the same Acorn that Obama was a community organizer for.

There are a whole lot of problems with Acorn with accusations of voter fraud, even trading crack cocaine for votes in some states. Here is more about them. I am sure we have only scratched the surface.

ACORN is a nonprofit group whose goal is to register new voters and other activism efforts to help low income groups. Ostensibly. Mostly it is a leftist organization that wishes to put more liberal politicians in office. It has been involved in several voter registration scandals for its loose system that actually encourages phony registration because they pay low income people per person registered which provides those workers to submit phony names. Most recently it was involved in the biggest case ever of voter registration fraud in Washington state. While ACORN and the Washington prosecutors deny that ACORN officials were directly involved, their system of pay per registration only encourages such fraud. John Fund reported on this last year.

But the most interesting news came out of Seattle, where on Thursday local prosecutors indicted seven workers for Acorn, a union-backed activist group that last year registered more than 540,000 low-income and minority voters nationwide and deployed more than 4,000 get-out-the-vote workers. The Acorn defendants stand accused of submitting phony forms in what Secretary of State Sam Reed says is the "worst case of voter-registration fraud in the history" of the state.

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