Ad That Will Sink Obama!

too bad many Americans aren't seeing it as clearly as it is.
Barakah Hussain O'Bama (Islamic blessing of prosperity on a male child) is from an Arab background and has Islamic intrests. it's very clear.
TOTAL BS. Obama is not a patriot because he doesnt wear a stupid flag pin?
Give me a break. Obama has little control over the name given him.
My name is Chris. Means the son of god. Guess what...I am an athiest.

The definition of a patriot is one who supports defends and loves thier country. I think Obama qualifies %100. He has been a public servant for many years, I think he like many others myself included, we love America but see that it is not a perfect place and can be improved.

You know what, at this rate it doesnt matter. Bring out all the attack ads one can dream up on this guy, he is on the fast track to the nomination and will very likely be the next President.

I just get tired of this garbage about Obama not loving America. What is the next step for these people? If you dont have "I love America" tatooed on your forehead then you are a quasi Islamo-terrorist? Or a communist? Or a fill in whatever blank.
This is simply getting stupid.
I can now reveal that this ad was released on behalf of the democrats by MyDD! It is a warning to party activists of the sort of ads which others than McCain who support his presidency may use against Obama because of his past record of not showing patriotism.

The first Dean grassroots web site was created at MyDD in April, 2002. In early 2003, Joe Trippi learned of Meetup through Armstrong and MyDD. Armstrong shut down MyDD in 2003 to work on Howard Dean's presidential campaign. After lying dormant for a year, MyDD was re-launched with the Scoop blogging platform in March of 2004, with blogger Chris Bowers. MyDD was instrumental in online campaigning and organizing of grassroots action to elect Howard Dean as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee in January, 2005.
Give me a break. Obama has little control over the name given him.
yeah but he does have control over supporting the muslim opposition in Kenya, who he called personally and visited. Odinga is a personal friend of Obama.
further, his foreign policy clearly leave Isreal to defend itself and supports the Palestinian effort (Islamic) to destroy the Jews.
if you can see beyond the Obama kool-aid haze it is very clear that Obama is not the right person for the safety of the United States.
Theres no getting away from the fact that Obama has made a serious mistake in revealing that he is not a patriot.

That he intends to weaken American power at a time of war, and that his first lady would not be proud of America:

Watch this unofficial Obama killing Ad::cool:

The ad was very poorly done with the jump-cuts and loud music along with the pictures of the World Trade Center. The quotes by the people were so short and out of context as to obscure their meaning. This kind of stupid political attack makes me question the attacker more than the person being attacked. If someone has to go to this extreme level of histrionics to try to make a point, then I suspect their point is fallacious.
Sling mud at Obama.

He's a Muslim. He hates America. He agrees with Jeremiah Wright.


Sling mud at Clinton

She'll say anything to get elected. She's a flip flopper on the war.


What will be the result of such mud slinging?

President McCain, that's what.

Actually, that's all well and good. I've said before that we're better off to have a Repbulican in the WH whenever we have a Democratic majority in Congress, and vice versa. Another rubber stamp Congress, such as we had from '00 to '06 is likely to bankrupt the government.