Afganistan, pakistan should form a wall

I've counted now at least four instances where you've posted that same link.

To the best of my knowledge Afghanistan and Pakistan are getting along fairly well at the moment. Besides, Afghanistan has much bigger things to worry about than a frivolous construction project that wouldn't do a whole lot of good against outright attack anyway.
Afganistan and pakistan...should form a wall because they are always conflicting with one another

We, Afghans, will never let Pakistan to fence the so-called border. It is only an imperialist line carried by Britians to divide Pakhtoons into pieces. From its first day, Pakistan is interfering in Afghanistan and training people to destablise Afghanistan, all this game is for this border. But it will never succeed to fence the line. The corrupt military of Pakistan is gaining enough from religious extremism and looting of other nations like Pakhtoons, Sindhis and Balochis.