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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
Todays (10-6) Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll not only ties for Obama's largest lead (8%) but he is at is highest level, that being 52%. More good news for Obama and worrying for McCain...44% say they are certain they will vote for Obama, nothing can persuade them to change their minds.The 3 day tracker is entirely post debate....Palin had no positive effect for McCain, at least according to this poll. Other interesting results:

Obama now leads by 2% among men, 14% among women.

Obama attracts 12% of Republican voters, McCain gets the vote from 11% of Democrats.

One way of understanding the difficult challenge now facing McCain is to consider the relatively small group of persuadable voters who could still change their mind. The Republican hopeful would have to win more than 70% of those votes to pull ahead in the race. That’s especially challenging because most of those voters are currently leaning towards Obama. In other words, while the race is not over, McCain needs a significant--game-changing—event to win the White House. Simply doing what he’s been doing a little better will not be enough