Another Conservative says Palin must go

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May 15, 2007
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Another day another bank failure another prominent Conservative says Palin just not capable.

Major Conservatives are starting to line up one by one against Sarah Palin. They're honest enough to not want to see our country put at risk by someone so under qualified. This time it's well known Conservative Kathleen Parker.

Kathleen Parker: How to solve this Palin problem?

07:38 AM CDT on Friday, September 26, 2008

If at one time women were considered heretical for swimming upstream against feminist orthodoxy, they now face condemnation for swimming downstream – away from Sarah Palin.

To express reservations about her qualifications to be vice president – and possibly president – is to risk being labeled anti-woman.

Or, as I am guilty of charging her early critics, supporting only a certain kind of woman.

Some of the passionately feminist critics of Ms. Palin who attacked her personally deserved some of the backlash they received. But circumstances have changed since Ms. Palin was introduced as just a hockey mom with lipstick – what a difference a financial crisis makes – and a more complicated picture has emerged.

As we've seen and heard more from John McCain's running mate, it is increasingly clear that she is a problem. Quick study or not, she doesn't know enough about economics and foreign policy to make Americans comfortable with a President Palin should conditions warrant her promotion.

Yes, she recently met several heads of state as the U.N. General Assembly convened in New York. She was gracious, charming and disarming. Men swooned. Pakistan's president wanted to hug her. (Perhaps Osama bin Laden is dying to meet her?)

And, yes, she has common sense, something we value. And she's had executive experience as a mayor and a governor, though of relatively small constituencies (about 6,000 and 680,000, respectively).

Finally, Ms. Palin's narrative is fun, inspiring and all-American in that frontier way we seem to admire. When Ms. Palin first emerged as Mr. McCain's running mate, I confess I was delighted. She was the antithesis and nemesis of the hirsute, Birkenstock-wearing sisterhood – a refreshing feminist of a different order who personified the modern successful working mother.

Ms. Palin didn't make a mess cracking the glass ceiling. She simply glided through it.

It was fun while it lasted.

Ms. Palin's recent interviews with Charles Gibson, Sean Hannity and now Katie Couric have all revealed an attractive, earnest, confident candidate. Who Is Clearly Out Of Her League.

No one hates saying that more than I do. Like so many women, I've been pulling for Ms. Palin, wishing her the best, hoping she will perform brilliantly. I've also noticed that I watch her interviews with the held breath of an anxious parent, my finger poised over the mute button in case it gets too painful. Unfortunately, it often does. My cringe reflex is exhausted.

Ms. Palin filibusters. She repeats words, filling space with deadwood. Cut the verbiage, and there's not much content there. Here's but one example from her interview with Mr. Hannity:

"Well, there is a danger in allowing some obsessive partisanship to get into the issue that we're talking about today. And that's something that John McCain, too, his track record, proving that he can work both sides of the aisle, he can surpass the partisanship that must be surpassed to deal with an issue like this."

When Ms. Couric pointed to polls showing that the financial crisis had boosted Barack Obama's numbers, Ms. Palin blustered wordily: "I'm not looking at poll numbers. What I think Americans at the end of the day are going to be able to go back and look at track records and see who's more apt to be talking about solutions and wishing for and hoping for solutions for some opportunity to change, and who's actually done it?"

If BS were currency, Ms. Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.

If Ms. Palin were a man, we'd all be guffawing, just as we do every time Joe Biden tickles the back of his throat with his toes. But because she's a woman – and the first on a Republican presidential ticket – we are reluctant to say what is painfully true.

What to do?

Mr. McCain can't repudiate his choice for running mate. He not only risks the wrath of the GOP's unforgiving base, but he invites others to second-guess his executive decision-making ability. Mr. Obama faces the same problem with Mr. Biden.

Only Ms. Palin can save Mr. McCain, her party and the country she loves. She can bow out for personal reasons, perhaps because she wants to spend more time with her newborn. No one would criticize a mother who puts her family first.

Do it for your country.

Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist. Her e-mail address is
This time it's well known Conservative Kathleen Parker.

Never heard of her... :rolleyes:

Never heard of this guy either:

"When Barack Obama released remarks today that praised the passage of America's economic rescue plan, just before his allies in Congress voted to kill it, it revealed just how out of touch Barack Obama has been during this crisis," Bounds said, adding Obama has "shown failed leadership we can't afford." --CNN
Glad I am not the only one who doesnt know who the heck she is.

Top just be happy you have found people who dont like her and feel really really comfortable about your win.

You should not want her replaced, if she sucks as bad as the dems keep saying she does, then you should feel good about that :)
This guy Zakaria got on CNN today asking for PALIN to resign. This sounds like the same thing they did to Hillary when the media was pushing her out of the race.

CNN sure has a nerve, putting this kind of crap on the air.

Here's the video:

CNN is so funny if they really think Sarah Palin is so stupid she does not even under stand the questions given to her, they should be happy because how can she possibly win. Leaving of course the only other option, their Lord, their savior, their messiah. It seems like they would be dancing not complaining