Another U.S. 'Justice System' Horror Story


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Apr 7, 2007
Another U.S. 'Justice System' Horror Story

"First fake charges, then his car is confiscated and then they charge him to cover the costs.

Here is one of those stories that just infuriates you and indicates how out of control the US injustice system has become. We are talking about a rot that is more than just stupid, violent, or corrupt cops. We are talking about that along with the suppression of Constitutional protections and the passing of stupid laws. This case has them all.

Erasmo Palacios, and his wife, Rocio, had just dropped off their 6-year-old at school. And they had picked up their 22-year-old daughter and were going to have breakfast -- it was 8 am. Rocio notices a woman standing by the street waving her arms as if in distress and pointed her out to her husband. The daughter had just run inside a restaurant to exchange her coffee for a hot chocolate instead.

The woman in distress approached the car and leaned in and then offered to have sex in exchange for money. Remember this is with Rocio sitting in the car with her husband while they are waiting for their daughter to come out with hot chocolate. The couple found this more amusing than distressing but soon the humor died."

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What do we have to do to make government thugs understand that this type of behavior is not acceptable?