Any good vacations planned.


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Aug 31, 2006
I am looking to go somewhere this summer but not sure where yet. So I was just wondering if anyone on here had any vacations planned for this coming summer? We're thinking about taking the boys to Disney but not sure if I really want to do it during the summer months, but that is really the only chance we will have to go.
I expect to be working all through the summer. If I do take a vacation, it will likely be a day trip to Niagara Falls or Cape Cod or something.
I love going to Niagara Falls. I never thought about that but it is closer to me and would be cheaper. The boys have never seen the falls and would love it. If you do get to go have a great time.
I've been to Niagara Falls a few times now, and it's still a favorite of mine. I would also love to get back to Toronto to experience more of the city life there.

Furious George, I hope you can at least have a day of relaxation somwhere!
Visiting my relatives in Malaysia (KL and Penang) for 2 weeks. I bet the weather will be exactly the same (almost), just wetter. Either way, could be good. Haven't done it for what...15 years? About as long as I've been playing the piano. Wow. I bet I get the whole line about "wow look at how tall you've grown" and "why don't you put on some weight?" and...
We'll likely just go camping in our pop-up camper with friends. That's usually about all we do. My husband likes to do recreational gold prospecting, so that's how we generally spend any vacation time in the summer. Can't imagine this year will be much different.

Personally, I would love to go someplace fun, but NOT as crowded as Disney. Besides, I can't see spending $50 per person to get in. There's a little amusement park about 3 hours from here. Maybe I can get him to go there this year. I'm not holding my breath, though. ;-)
Gold prospecting. That sound different. Have you ever had any luck doing that? I mentioned to my husband about taking a ride to the falls for one night here real soon. He was like we have been to the Falls so many times. I'm like yes I know but we have two sons that have never seen them. So I hope to do that soon.