Are we to weak for Revolution?

Abraxis Axis

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May 16, 2007
We were "educated" to be compliant and our bellies are too full to get up in arms to stop a non-responsive government. Next, that government, owned by the billionaires, has already created defenses against a rebellious population that would shock the average person's sensibilities as to how ruthless they will be dealt with.

If after our democracy was blatantly stolen in the 2000 election and not more than a ***** fest occurred, that should have tipped anyone off to whether revolution is in our lifeblood or long lost.


American Patriots are alive and well in this country. these azzholes are scared to death of American Patriots......what the article in large said was all TRUE wake up people the most startlingly true part of what he wrote?
Part of the genius of our contemporary ruling class elites is that they have engineering a state of political and economic oppression that paradoxically is still embraced by the Lower Class. The rational way to understand this is that ordinary, oppressed Americans are in a deep psychological state of self-delusion. Despite all the empirical, objective evidence of a failed government, they fail to see rebellion opportunities. Many still believe they live in the world’s best democracy. But across all elections considerably less than half the citizens even bother to vote anymore. Yet, as the new NBC/Journal poll results show, people are cognitively aware of just how awful the political-economic system is. Yet they are not feeling enough pain to seriously consider rebellion. And it is visceral pain that must drive people to the daring act of rebellion.

Why is there insufficient pain for revolution? This is a deadly serious issue. What is historically unique about America is that even the most oppressed and unfairly treated people are distracted by affordable materialism, entertainment, sports, gambling, and myriad other aspects of our frivolous, self-absorbed culture. Even failed school and health care systems do not drive people, paying enormous sums to fill up their SUVs, to rebellion. So, Americans are aware of their oppression, but the power elites have successfully drugged them with a plethora of pleasure-producing distractions sufficient to keep them under control. We are free to *****, but too weak to revolt. The Internet has provided a release valve for some pent up anger and frustration. But it too has mostly become another source of distraction, rather than an effective tool for rebellion.

what we need to do is wake up the herds of sleeping americans who have been drugged by the trppings mentioned in this article. this article is superb it tells it as it is american wake up

also pay attention to what drippinhun said you all should have know it was time for revolt in 2000 when the Fokcs stole the elections americans really do need to wake up it is spiraling out of control and it is "WE THE PEOPLE" who are ultimaty responsible to correct it

we do have the power granted to us both by the decleration of independence and article 5 of the constitution michaelr thanks for posting this it is dead on right...


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May 27, 2007
Here not there
The Patriots
By Dr. Bob Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.
The United States is in trouble. We're in danger of becoming a fascist dictatorship where big government and big business combine to rule, and where the people are considered just a source of labor. The marriage of government and the investor class has succeeded in exporting our jobs, importing illegal aliens to provide a pool of cheap labor, and thus driving down wages for all American workers and destroying the middle class. Their foreign and military policies have led us into unnecessary wars of aggression to gain raw materials and enhance profits of the global robber barons. Their trade policies have resulted in capital flight, job loss, trade deficits, and the ownership of much of our infrastructure by foreign interests.

We've gotten into this fix because our presidents, of both parties, have been servants of the global investors, and because our representatives in Congress, again of both parties, have abdicated their Constitutional responsibilities and subjected themselves to an imperial presidency.
A "patriot" is defined as one who loves, supports, and defends his country. The Latin and Greek roots refer to "father." If, for a moment, we ignore the sexist nature of the ancient civilizations giving birth to the word, it is clear that to be a "patriot" is to have a parental love for the people of one's tribe or nation. One cannot have a "patriotic love" for the corporations in one's country or for its military-industrial complex, only for its people. Clearly then, those in our government who have served their corporate masters to the detriment of the people are not patriots, and have no claim to the word. The vast majority of Americans love our country in ways that equate to service to the people. We are the patriots.

Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution make it clear that the whole purpose of government is to serve and protect the people.. Ours is a government designed to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people." We, the Patriots, have a right and a duty to demand and to secure such a government. If those in power will not fulfill their Constitutional duty to serve the people, then we must remove them and replace them with those who will.

We, the People of the United States of America , deserve better than we have been getting.

We must demand a government which
(1) follows the Constitution,
(2) honors the truth, and
(3) serves the people.

We Patriots can bring about such a government by electing Patriots to Congress and recruiting Patriots already in government to our cause. It is always tempting to start yet another political party, but our system makes such a course futile. Until we have instant runoff voting (IRV), proportional representation, real campaign finance reform, re-regulation of the media, and debates involving all political parties, no third party can win the presidency or more than a handful of seats in Congress.

Accordingly, "The Patriots" is not a political party, but a nonpartisan organization of patriotic Americans seeking to return our country to Constitutional government based on truth and in service of the people. For now, we operate as a project of the non-profit Institute for Space and Security Studies, a 501c(3) organization. Our immediate mission is to educate the American people on the issues. In the future, we may form a "Patriot PAC" to support candidates for public office and to promote specific legislation. We also intend to form a Patriot Caucus including members of Congress from all political parties. However, for now we are concentrating on public education.

The first question usually raised is, "Is this organization conservative or liberal?" The answer to that question is, "Yes." We have both conservative and liberal members, and both conservative and liberal ideas. But mostly, we are just patriotic Americans embodying the best of both conservatism and liberalism in the service of the American people. Few Patriots will agree with all of the following positions, but all ascribe to the basic devotion to Constitution, truth, and service to the people. That is what is important. The specific policy positions below are mine alone. I see them as a good basis for further discussion. They are all anathema to those currently in power.

We Patriots are "conservative" inasmuch as we are devoted to the Constitution, to limited government, and to fiscal responsibility.
As conservatives, we oppose NAFTA, the WTO, and the SPP /NAU as being contrary to our sovereignty, antidemocratic, and against the interests of the American people. We support the 2 nd Amendment right of the people to bear arms in order to deter and, if necessary, resist tyranny. We oppose illegal immigration and "amnesty" as means by which the corporate elite exploit immigrants and depress the wages of all working Americans. We oppose the intrusion of government in our religious and private lives. We oppose our nation becoming entangled in foreign military ventures not essential to our national security.

As conservatives, we define "national security" narrowly, meaning the protection of our nation, our borders, and our people - and excluding the financial "interests" of multinational corporations and global investors. This is not isolationism, for we support international law and the creation of international institutions which serve the needs of humankind by promoting cooperation on global issues such as disease, pollution, and warfare which do not respect national boundaries. We want the United States to be a responsible, respected member of the family of nations. But we will not seek imperial expansion through aggressive wars to make client states. Nor will we surrender our sovereignty to "trade organizations" like the WTO seeking to turn us into a third world country.

As conservatives, we support our military, including our veterans who have served and survived. We insist that our government fully fund the VA and fulfill its responsibility to care for our veterans and their families. We also are determined that our government honor promises made to veterans and our retired military members. To make thousands of disabled veterans in corporate wars and then refuse to take care of them is unacceptable, unconscionable, and un-American. We believe that history has shown that combat veterans govern better than draft dodgers and chicken hawks. Those who have experienced the horrors of combat are less likely to send our sons and daughters off to fight wars for the oil companies.

As conservatives, we will not tolerate "borrow and spend" government, which saddles our grandchildren with trillions in debt and gives China the ability to bankrupt us at will. We demand a return to balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility.

As conservatives, Patriots oppose a closed, manipulative, and secretive government, and demand the truth from our elected officials. We will not tolerate " Gulf of Tonkin " incidents as excuses for war. We reject the deceptions which involved us in the first Gulf War under George H. W. Bush and in the rape of Yugoslavia under Clinton . We abhor the lies about WMD, "yellow cake," and "mushroom clouds over New York " which got us into the 2 nd Iraq War and its interminable and disastrous occupation.

As conservatives, we call for a "Sunshine Law" which will make conspiratorial meetings like that between Dick Cheney and Ken Lay on energy policy impossible (or at least illegal). We reject as totally inadequate the Kean-Hamilton-Zelikow 9/11 Commission Report which admittedly contains perjured testimony, refrains from assigning responsibility and accountability for our defense's failures, and fails to even address dozens of unanswered questions and obvious flaws in the Bush Administration's official story. We therefore demand a new and truly independent investigation of 9/11. We demand an investigation of the cover-up which followed 9/11 involving the confiscation and destruction of evidence, lying to investigators, and obstruction of justice. Finally, we demand an investigation of the exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy to launch unnecessary wars against Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretenses.

The rest of the article


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May 16, 2007
"impending police state"
"shocking corruptions of our government"
"the downfall of democracy"
"the tyrannical majority"
"our news served up by agenda pushing pukes that have sold their integrity for their 8 pieces of silver"
"delusional democracy with delusional prosperity"
"powerful Upper Class that is literally raping the nation".
"a state of political and economic oppression"
"oppressed Americans are in a deep psychological state of self-delusion"
"failed government"
"failed school and health care systems"
"the power elites have successfully drugged them with a plethora of pleasure-producing distractions sufficient to keep them under control"
"dire condition of their nation"
"the selling out of America"
"a terribly bleak future"
"like the law of the pharisees"
"unbearable restrictions on human life"
"danger of becoming a fascist dictatorship"
"destroying the middle class"
"an imperial presidency"
"imperial expansion through aggressive wars to make client states."
"WTO seeking to turn us into a third world country."

Let me guess. You want to be more like France. MARK