Are we to weak for Revolution?


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May 30, 2007
Why is there no source on the internet where one can watch and observe current presidential speeches and government action? We are becoming foreigners to our government, as most of us only have time to learn only increments of information about the government and only after something big happens. This is causing people to either divert their attention from politics, allowing the government to carry on corruption, or go crazy exposing corruption, after it fades out of the minds of the majority. The government could have prevented the tragedies on September 11th, and many believe contributed to some of the destruction.

My brother recently added information on my MYSPACE about the NWO, an impending police state, and the weakening of our economy and instinctively I erased it because all the shocking corruptions of our government almost seemed like scam. It was so astonishing, that it almost puts you in denial.

If we remain ignorant and fall a victim to the seemingly patriotic, conservative persona, we will lose our identities, and our influence will rapidly diminish. Although most already know about this, if you would like to learn the other side to our government refer to Alex Jones, or the revolutionary Jay Mick to become enlightened. You can also go to If anyone else knows a better site to go to, I would appreciate it if you inform me.

The point being is high tech security is using terrorism as an excuse, exploiting the weakness of society that resulted from preventable terrorist attacks, equality of condition, lack of leadership and the downfall of democracy, where technology helped weaken the influence of the people. By no means should we remain supportive of a government that is anything but virtuous. If our mentality is fooled by the majority opinion, we are abdicating to a dishonorable force. If you are conscious of the dangers of increasingly enhancing security, where your personal life is no longer an option, then you too would begin to fight for a revolution. Many of you fear you have more to lose then gain by a revolution, but I assure you, you are wrong, as long as we put our personal lives aside, resurrect the American spirit and unite, there is no way we will lose, or be denied.

I realize every individual must be convinced for we are not tied together as people of an aristocracy are, but the more we unite, the easier it will be to suppress the tyrannical majority. Subconsciously, people don’t believe in the war, but considering we are in denial that the provokers of terrorism are the American government, we refuse to actively voice our opinion, standing against the government.

The republicans are sincere about stressing the importance of security for we have embarked on dangerous missions, like stationing troops and acting offensively in regards to force, where we should be acting offensively in regards to diplomacy. Now, the conservative government fears that it is too late to change action, for their military mistakes have left them at a point of no return.

The only way we can get out of this historical error in administration is by uniting and fighting for a revolution, which doesn’t have to be violent. We need to separate ourselves from the conservatives who fear they are due for revenge. With that being said, have courage, focus on the Revolution and join the fight against the empire.
We should be experienced with democracy enough to demand change, but the people are too lazy to unite, and our individual power only consist of a hopeless rant.

If we convinced enough people of how essential a diplomatic revolution is, then we could all just do nothing, except discuss reform, until our needs are met. We could, if united, force them to hand power over to the revolution, in order to restore liberality and repair broken trusts across the world.

The people have the power to demand peace; however, they may be too brainwashed to realize it, or to caught up in their own personal lives and to successfully alienated, to create an effective political associations to spread a plan to commit to, such as refusing to work and demanding change in a honorable fashion, that follows basic laws of etiquette but remains committed to making change. The internet didn’t necessarily damage democracy; it was more the technology that may have brainwashed society. A fear we are devoid of ethics and humanity because of the lack of value and leadership in our government, and the degrading of values in various form of entertainment.

If the government can break away from our roots by issuing an act that attacks our personal rights, so can we, but in a more respectable way, by demanding more liberal leadership.

If you don’t consider Revolution, apparently you don’t care about an empirical government. Trust me; we are certainly not the heroes in this war.

It is a shame that money controls so many people. People are so attached to money, that their passions die, for the end usually involve an increase a wealth. When money becomes the root of all passion, passion itself dies, and people become the same. If people were less attached to their personal belongings then they would be strong enough to change the world. It is not about standing against our government, it is more about fighting for what is right. We have to separate ourselves from the morally unjust in order to move forward towards more peaceful foreign relations, which will ultimately keep our country safer. It is as if the government gave up following the laws of brotherhood, by breaking trusts, despite their end desire in a world government leaning towards brotherhood. Lack of understanding and inability to trust conflicting nations put us in a difficult situation. We did not take the required steps to converge the national interest of all countries; therefore, we are not properly ensuring our safety. We lacked in proper, diplomacy, but were too quick to employ troops. We acted on force before we contemplated diplomacy. National reconciliation takes patience which in addition to our pride is our flaw as a country.

Believe it or not, the government is putting our country at risk...

American citizenry are surrendering their spirits to a perverse government. We should forgive them, but still demand a reform of government, where a more liberal form of leadership is applied.

Are we not grown enough mentally for a revolution? Other countries would definitely be considering it... we need a new way of thinking that concentrates less on money and the economy, a liberal mentality which will make the condition of society less unbearable. We need a form of leadership that is more honest to its people.

By committing oneself to the Revolution, you refuse to work for the government, in a civil manner, demanding that your needs be met. If we separate ourselves from the government, then we will be able to get out of the war in Iraq.

If we don't do this, we will continually be at risk, so it’s really up to you…

This is not a new revolution, it is the completion of an old one, which rebelled from to much government power, and fought for freedom. Is it safe to say that we trust our government which was proven corrupt to protect our freedom...? We may not be feeling the effects of security enough to really be driven to a rebellious state, but imagine how the Iraqis feel. It is as if the American population is openly surrendering their privacy, for security is only in its initial stages, and they are still ignorant of the dangers of its escalation. We must resolve all potential concerns before they get out of control.

Well, I agree with most of what you said except that this is not the works of the Conservatives it is the work of the domestic and global liberals. Conservatives are people who live the American way and raise their children in the American fashion. Personally, I also think this government has gone too damn far and is systematically ruining or trying to ruin this country. Revolution? Count me in.