Bush admits failure during Hurricane Katrina


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Jul 3, 2006
President George W Bush has promised a better response to future hurricanes after admitting to failures in the government's handling of Katrina.


With all the damage that has happened in New Orleans and Mississippi, The President better have a plan to not let this happen again. While I don't take the extreme standpoint that Bush is racist, I do think that FEMA could have done a better job.
I don't think what happened in the case of Katrina was due to racism, but I do think the goverment and FEMA messed up big time. hopefully this will never happen again, but I'm not about to take Bush's word on a new plan just yet.
It's about time he admitted failure in the handling of Katrina. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that something seriously went wrong in answering the cries for help and that Bush definitely could have done more sooner. I don't believe a word they say.

As for the racist issue, the jury is still out on that one.
I personally cannot put faith in the whole racism caused what happened theory. I believe stupidity caused the lack of response, and maybe a wee bit of racism slowed the action but other than that I think it is propoganda.
Racism or not, its good that he apologised. I think the important thing now is for their to be rapid action to rectify the situation.
I think the more important thing is weather or not there will be better reaction timing in the event of future disasters.
Many of the cities that were completely devastated by Katrina were populated by 95% caucasions. That kindof throws the whole racist idea out the window.

As for FEMA doing more, if they had been already in place then they would have been damaged by the hurricane and flood. In New Orleans, people were told to be prepared for several days without help. If I tell you I can't get to you for two days and you aren't prepared for that, who's fault is it?
Could people have been better prepared, sure. Should they have been better prepared ? Most definitely. But there is more the government could have done too, albeit after the fact. To leave those people there for that many days without help is unconsciousable. Blaming them for their own demise is something my conscious will not allow me to do.

Regardless of the percentage of caucasians versus african americans, what was obvious by anyone watching the news is that it was predominantly african americans that were left behind. Unless all 5% of the african american population stayed behind, Most of the caucasians probably heeded all warnings and got out while they could.
I think it was definitely racism. If it had happened in the Florida Keys, I think things would have been completely different. It's about time he admits that he screwed up big time.
I think it was definitely racism. If it had happened in the Florida Keys, I think things would have been completely different. It's about time he admits that he screwed up big time.
What facts caused you to reach the conclusion that New Orleans was caused by definite racism?? I think it had a part in the reaction timing, but I wouldn’t claim it to be a major one.

And yes, it is about time Bush admits that he screwed up... but he owes the people more than that, too little too late.
New Orleans was a total screw up, by the mayor, the governor, and FEMA. But you can't get resources to some place any faster than is physically possible and they had to stage those resources out of harms way. Add to that the complete break down of ALL communication (cell, land lines, and even satalite), it's amazing that any help came at all.

I watched the mess unfold on the news and I got mad that things weren't happening faster. But one year later, you see the reports you didn't see before. How those that stayed behind were told that there would be no electricty in the Super Dome. That help would take a few days to get there. And that things were going to be unpleasant. It's hard not to put a large portion of the blame on the backs of the locals (government as well as people).
Based on the points that have been made, possibly its more about poverty than racism. The only thing with that I believe poverty is more prevalent amongst black people than white
I've been doing some research for one of the coastal cities in Mississippi (which was hit harder than New Orleans but is getting half the press) and I think the difference is that these people are expecting to rebuild on their own. Although they appreciate the assistance of the government, they aren't (and weren't) relying on it.
And the sad thing Kelkat is that these people are being looked down upon by some, who are unable to grasp the concept of not wanting to relocate after the storm. Americans should be looking up to these people for surviving and rebuilding, not looking down on them for "being too poor to move". I have heard that opinion a few too many times for my own liking.
Yeah, there was racism....and basically the separation between the upper class and the lower class....where the lower class is always being treated as 'second class.'

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to build a city that close to the water, eh?