Canada's act of genocide: Coerced Sterilization of Native Women


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May 1, 2014
1. Canada’s role in the forced and coerced sterilization of Indigenous women has only recently begun to emerge within a more complete and historical context. As researchers continue to dig through historical records to examine the extent to which First Nations women were sterilized without their informed consent since confederation, a new Saskatchewan lawsuit has opened another chapter to this shocking legacy, garnering at least 60 additional reports in its wake—at least one verified case occurring as recent as 2017....

After a six year investigation, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission concluded that:

The Canadian government pursued this policy of cultural genocide because it wished to divest itself of its legal and financial obligations to Aboriginal people and gain control over their lands and resources. If every Aboriginal person had been ‘absorbed into the body politic’, there would be no reserves, no treaties and no Aboriginal rights....

Canada’s legacy of forced sterilization is similarly ongoing. In 2015, several First Nations women began coming forward to say that they had been sterilized against their will. One of these women, Melika Popp, told reporters that she was sterilized after the delivery of her first child, and was assured the process was reversible. “I felt very targeted. It was under duress. I was definitely hormonal at that time,” she commented.....


2. An ugly fellow always condemns others before taking a look in the mirror. The Canada’s parliament has forgotten to pass a motion saying Canadian treatment of natives constitutes genocide. :)