Castro's Revolution?



The cuban dictator has said that the cuban "revolution" is as strong as ever. At what point is the revolution over? How can he claim the revolution is still going after 40+ years of control. A cuban revolution would be to overthrow him? I think he has the definition mixed up with dictatorship!
Funny, but not really a major topic to be discussing. Aren't there larger issues at hand then just funny semantics.
While there might be more pressing issues Mr.Big, this is rather funny. We can't be serious all the time.
it is funny....but it also makes me wonder whether castro really thinks of his dictatorship as a vital revolution. if so...then this is a pretty interesting look inside his head.
I think the guy is a little nutty myself. Yet another dictator who feels he is doing right for his people but most of them are trying to leave and come to America! What does that say about the quality of life in Cuba?
Geeze, the only person who doesn't think that Castro has lived too long is Castro himself! It's like a whole country just waiting to get on with their lives when the tyrannical grandfather kicks ...and he just won't!
castro is nothing but a commie loser clinging to his lost dreams. communists always talk about revolutions because they think itll make people listen to them and it makes them feel like theyre doing something imprtant.
As in most of your other posts digger, please do not attack people personally. I do not appove of Castro but I will attack his policies or actions.

Please be repectful.
I like digger he is incredibly honest in his view point. I dont share the view point but its refreshing to hear and see. I'm one of those people that believe strongly in freedom of expression and I've learned alot through varying view points. Even the ones that get me heated! :)
Please, the dream of communism is like beating a dead horse with a stick. Its simply not going to work these days if you want a thriving competetive economy.
Who knows but look at the number of cuban immigrants flowing into Miami. That should say something about the quality of living in Cuba.