Chinese shoot down satellite

I think we should be at least a little bit concerned, because they have basically flaunted their ability to shoot down satellites. Who knows what other satellites they might have in mind? If they choose, they could disrupt everything from communications to surveillance.
They just shot themselves in the foot, diplomatically speaking. I am reminded of George's post about China's growing economic prominence- cf. this it could be very damaging for China if they don't get some good PR going.
Personally I think they die this just to let the world know that they could. I do think that China should not be taken lightly to say the least.
Well, China is quickly becoming (if it isn't already) the world's superpower. Really though, they are not coming across as very amicable at this moment...something they need to work on.
Its only reasonable that a world power works to defend itself. They're setting themselves up to not but at an intelligence disadvantage in the event of a conflict with the US/Nato. Its a purely defensive play, so I don't really see the harm, or justification in telling them "you cant do that".

From the US's perspective, we've been able to take satellites out of space since 1985. We also have (purportedly) 100's of spy satellites in orbit the planet looking at most likely all parts of the world we find interesting (including China). Its clearly a threat to our technical intelligence infrastructure, but we cant really expect countries to just let us spy on them freely can we?
No, you are right we cannot be allowed to do something and then deny the same right to other countries. But you cannot help but wonder what they will do with the technology in the end? I least I cannot help but wonder.
I agree, its a concern. There's definately a potential for an arms race there down the road. I sure hope it doesnt happen.
It almost seems inevitable at this point. One country takes a step, another country takes a step beyond it...and things slowly (or quickly) accelerate.
Well, we could choose to be confident in our ability to wipe even China off the map if it came to it. That should give us some reason to not waste the time or money.
You are right we could choose to be confident but I am just not real confident in the people that run our wars or political conflicts at the moment. I don't mean the soldiers I feel they are doing a great job myself.