Coming-up elections?

The upcoming elections in two years?
Its too early to tell, but the leading representatives from both parties as of right now are uninspiring.
Though it won't let me vote in that poll for some reason, none of the candidates on there are to my liking. Though I will definately not vote for Clinton,

if Nader runs again, he will get my vote, though its unlikely that he will.
Many things. I have known him since I was a kid, and he has never wavered on his stands - something rare for a politition. he represents his district and those who voted him into office well. He also goes out of his way to help people with a good cause, even if it is not popular with the media.
Not to pry, but what good cause has he gone out of his way to help his people, regardless if its not popular with the media? (especially since the media is never really critical on most politicians, nor does the media have much of an opinion on anything other than the opinions of its advertisements)
In 1992, the Grossmont Union High School District of La Mesa, CA (in Hunter's congressional district) told the Christian Clubs that had been meeting on the campuses for years that they can no longer meet on school grounds, citing "Seperation of Church and State", even though no such law exists.

The students who led the clubs from the various schools scheduled to meet together to see what could be done. One called the congressman to ask what could be done.

The congressmen flew an ACLU lawyer out to defend the students, citing the "Equal Right Act" that he had recently pushed through congress. This act states that a school can not descriminate against a peaceful student organization based on religion, sexual preference, sex, race or political affiliation. It states that if any non-curricular student group is allowed to meet, so must religious/political/etc groups under the same rules/ In other words, to ban the Christian club from peacable meetings on campus, they would have to ban the Spirit Club, the Key Club, the Math Club and so on - any that were not part of the specific school curriculum.

The press did not like Hunter helping the students out much, but the ACLU lawyer flew out, showed up at the student meeting, and the press covered the meeting where for the first time in the more than 100 years of the district history, students representing every school met together.

The following day, the district superintendant issued a statement saying it was all a big misunderstanding, and he did not know where all the principles got the idea to ban the student clubs.

In under two weeks, the issue was resolved, thanks to the thoughtful work of Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Many would not have lifted a finger or gotten involved, since Christianity is not popular among the media right now.
One, maybe you should read the first ammendment in the Bill of Rights, and you will notice that such a law does exist seperating church and state.
Two, Christianity is not popular amongst the media? Stop with the false claims of persecution, you know what religion isnt popular with the media right now? Islam. Christians like to make mountains out of molehills. By some people wanting secular representation in public, Christians in a very egocentric manner assume that this is an attack on Christianity.
3) I personally couldn't trust a president who feels that prayer on school campus is a dire issue. Those are petty cultural issues that time and the people usually work out within themselves, the true issues lies in economics.
First ammendment. It says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". Hmmm. It is clear as day - Congress can not make laws about religion or restricting the free exercise of religion.

Nothing about "Seperation of Church and State" in there.
No seperation of church and state in "Congress shall Make NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION..."? Then what the hell does that mean?
anywhom go to that thread I created I linked it above to discuss about the seperation between church and state.