Rolling Stone Article about Election Fraud


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Sep 29, 2006
Has anyone else read the Rolling Stone articles about election fraud - or done any other research on it? From what I've seen lately, it appears that the US is not going to be able to have a fair election for a long time to come, and the way its all been set up, there will be no proof of election fraud. I've watched several videos on how easy it is to infect electronic voting machines with virus that will then give a correct reading when they are being tested, but then will end the day with an incorrect number of votes. They can be programmed, in other words, to give a desired result at the end of the day no matter how many votes in contrary have been cast. Does anyone else feel the way that I do about elections in America, or am I out of faith in our government alone?
When I heard they were going to a more computerized system of voting I wondered if it would be easier to have fraud because of someone hacking into the system. Or any number or things that can happen in a more computerized system.
it is easier to have fraud. espeically when you look at the companies that are making the machines. they trace right back to the white house, in the end. usually back to cheney. and even when there is a "paper trail" for them to check, the viruses usually make it so that paper trail adds up correctly with the recorded votes. my fear is that we'll never have a safe election again.
it's true, and you're right. but at least in the past you could be reasonably certain that your vote would at least be counted correctly.
Heh, I guess so. There is a difference in a democracy being manipulated and the tool of democracy being dysfunctional, after all.
This is a rather sticky subject, because voting machines are never going to be fraud-free. Remember the whole 2000 fiasco with the paper chads in Florida? That showed the fallibility of paper-based ballots, and across the country many state systems of voting are grossly outdated. Although computerized systems offer a much more user-friendly approach and accurate tallying system, any computer system can be hacked with the correct means. I shudder to think that a political party would manipulate a computer voting system in order to come out on top, it's shameful to democracy.
The hanging chads were a real low point in our election history, so i understand the thought process involved in taking voting into a more technological world. But there any voting method that is foolproof when there are so many so adept at hacking?
It's always a game of cat and mouse...and the fat cats that get a little extra on the side from god knows where...
I saw a video by Alex Jones and his crew, showing how to easily implant a code into the electronic voting booths, and somehow hack the voter turnout to always have a 49/51 turnout.