Compelling Peice of Evidence Concerning Events of


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Jul 10, 2008
I came across the most compelling piece of evidence to do with 9/11 and all other things people claim are crazy conspiracy.

It is about a man, his Name is William Cooper.

Profile: Ex military Official, Vietnam War Veteran

Relevency to 9/11: He worked for the army, like his forefathers for 20 long years. Eventually he quit because he found that the army was a mechanism for the powerful people of the world to take control of economies. He researched long and hard, opened a short frequency radio show in EagerVill Arizona. During one of his last programs, he mentioned, after finding out information about the plans of the power elite, that an attack was going to happen in the USA in the coming time. He also said that Osama Binladen would be put to blame for the attacks, which are manifested so that the wealthy people controlling the government, could draw up and pass bills like the patriot act and homeland security. This was only 3 months before the attacks!!! Eventaully when what he predicted came to pass, he began a book about the events and his life in vietname, which was left unfinished for the following reason; 'Bill' or William Cooper, was murdered when the Arizona county police were serving a warrant for his arrest, on November of that life changing year 2001 year.

How do I Know he was part of the military?

Within the Documentary, it shows various medals and pictures of William in the army. The medals are scattered near the last few segments.
The media, also is shown in a live newscast, to lie blatantly about William Coopers identity and history. The claimed he was a militant Anarchist, when he truly had served the army and people for long years of his life.

Keep in mind this man knew that the media and government were going to blame the attacks of September's 11th.

How do i know this?

In the bibliography it shows a live show, in which he mentions the preceding happenings that eventually took place and took the lives of thousands.

This shows his pics

This shows his live broadcast predicting there would be a major attack blamed on OSAMA.

Here are his medals(2-3 minutes into it)

The newscast of his murder, on TV (go to the End almost)

This one is in the beggining, its a newscast talking about him being a militant.

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