Congress will subpoena leftist DA for blocking investigation into Hunter Biden's alleged crimes.

What have you seen and what have you not seen?

Here is another of dozens of reports I have on Soros that nobody has persuasively refuted to my knowledge. 11-12-20

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Evil That Men Do: Is Defective Software Used on Swing States a Virus Meant to Flip Elections?

UNBELIEVABLE: George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines

By Kelly O'Connell ——Bio and Archives--November 12, 2020

Stunning Facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic, is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems who flipped votes from Trump to Biden. Brown was also named UN #2 – Deputy Secretary General on March 3rd, 2006, and also former VP of the World Bank. His machine was used in all the swing states. Could this help explain the MI 200,000 vote sudden dump of Biden ballots, while WI got 100,000 late night delivery?

How did a close George Soros associate , a Quantum Fund VP, who lived in his NYC apartment get accepted for crucial voting machinery?
Not one of those articles proves the election was rigged. Lots of insinuations etc but no proof.
Sorry son. You'll have to do better.
You are so stupid you don't understand that I am referring to the party you support rather than yourself personally? That's pretty stupid But that's you
No court has ever disproven voter fraud in cases presented by Republicans.
Did you ever disprove the mountain of evidence showing you are a murderer can you post any court that is proven you're not a murderer? Why aren't you proving you are a murderer That's very suspicious
Nobody has ever presented evidence that I am a murderer and nobody has ever disproven evidence of voting fraud.
You think there is no connection, but you are wrong.
Here is an investigative report that seems irrefutable. Even if supporters of Dominion machine fraud deny the facts, they cannot disprove the facts. The report is exhaustive, but here is a snippet:

Cracking Dominion’s Source Code — A National Security Threat Since 2003 ( 3-22-22

Cracking Dominion’s Source Code — A National Security Threat Since 2003

What you’re going to find is the current Dominion and ES&S voting systems were designed over 22 years ago to allow and promote every type of voter fraud imaginable and the same two conspirators have been safeguarding and selling these broken systems the entire time.

From 1997 to 2003 Bob Urosevich and Barry Herron developed the art of electronic vote manipulation to such a degree; you didn’t need to hack the system to change the election results. Below is the chain of custody for the software and source code that made this possible.

The key takeaway is simple. Although what’s described below is from Diebold Election Systems, Dominion bought Diebold and this system for use. This the backbone of Dominion Voting Systems today and it gives a clear line of sight into the otherwise opaque world of election fraud in 2020.

In 2003, a research journalist named Bev Harris opened up the world of Diebold Election Systems. When Dominion Voting Systems got off the ground and became a player it was because of the purchase of Diebold properties including systems, source code, and software.

What she found was Diebold had a ‘no-login needed’ website that was a detailed manual of how to hack the election systems Diebold was servicing across the US. If you didn’t like the election tallies, it was a simple matter of replacing the file with one that reflected the results you wanted on this FTP site.

According to Harris, the site was set up for election workers and technicians and included hardware and software specifications, election results files, the vote-counting program itself, and “replacement files” for Diebold’s GEMS vote-counting system and for the Windows software underlying the system.

The contents of these files amounted to a virtual handbook for vote-tampering: They contained diagrams of remote communications setups, passwords, encryption keys, source code, user manuals, testing protocols, and simulators, as well as files loaded with votes and voting machine software. Diebold Elections Systems AccuVote systems use software called “GEMS,” and this system is used in 37 states. The voting system works like this: Voters vote at the precinct, running their ballot through an optical scan, or entering their vote on a touch screen. After the polls close, poll workers transmit the votes that have been accumulated to the county office. They do this by modem. At the county office, there is a “host computer” with a program on it called GEMS. GEMS receives the incoming votes and stores them in a vote ledger. But in the files we examined, which were created by Diebold employees and/or county officials, we learned that the Diebold program used another set of books with a copy of what is in vote ledger 1. And at the same time, it made yet a third vote ledger with another copy. Apparently, the Elections Supervisor never sees these three sets of books. All she sees is the reports she can run: Election summary (totals, county wide) or a detail report (totals for each precinct). She has no way of knowing that her GEMS program is using multiple sets of books, because the GEMS interface draws its data from an Access database, which is hidden. And here is what is quite odd: On the programs we tested, the Election summary (totals, county wide) come from the vote ledger 2 instead of vote ledger 1, and ledger 2 can be altered so it may or may not match ledger 1. Now, think of it like this: You want the report to add up only the actual votes. But, unbeknownst to the election supervisor, votes can be added and subtracted from vote ledger 2. Official reports come from vote ledger 2, which has been disengaged from vote ledger 1. If one asks for a detailed report for some precincts, though, the report comes from vote ledger 1. Therefore, if you keep the correct votes in vote ledger 1, a spot check of detailed precincts (even if you compare voter-verified paper ballots) will always be correct.” Auditing

Again from Bev Harris provided all this information on a share-as-widely-as-possible basis. The audit trail is what is supposed to guarantee election security. Harris went to the same Diebold/Dominion website and downloaded a GEMS (General Election Management System) audit report.

“Note that a user by the name of “Evildoer” was added. Evildoer performed various functions, including running reports to check his vote-rigging work, but only some of his activities showed up on the audit log. It was a simple matter to eliminate Evildoer. First, we opened the election database in Access, where we opened the audit table: Then, we deleted all the references to Evildoer and, because we noticed that the audit log never noticed when the admin closed the GEMS program before, we tidily added an entry for that.

Access encourages those who create audit logs to use auto-numbering so that every logged entry has an uneditable log number. Then, if one deletes audit entries, a gap in the numbering sequence will appear. However, we found that this feature was disabled, allowing us to write in our own log numbers. We were able to add and delete from the audit without leaving a trace. Going back into GEMS, we ran another audit log to see if Evildoer had been purged:
As you can see, the audit log appears pristine. In fact, when using Access to adjust the vote tallies we found that tampering never made it to the audit log at all.” — Bev Harris

An election (after the fact) using the real files on the real system was changed for research purposes with no elaborate hacking necessary.

The Dominion software and source code was originally developed by a company called Premier Election Solutions. The founder was Bob Urosevich.
Democrats may beat Trump down like a mob of violent KKK racists after a black man they hate, but they will always fail to disprove evidence of 2020 voting fraud.
We don't have to prove anything. Biden is the POTUS. We need no more proof than that.
You trip over volumes of voter fraud evidence you refuse to look into and claim What fraud?
That's right. Not one of those volumes impressed a judge to accept them as fact. Obviously impressed you but they would.
You have nothing but hate and ignorance.