could this be the beginning of the end for Putin the dictator

When you look at the monsters attacking US as a nation or groups or individually, did we trust that Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush was tough enough to slay our dragons?

No, we wanted and needed a rough, tough, bad talking, ill mannered, sonofabeotch in the Oval Office.

The Democrats didn't and don't see the monsters as all that bad and they dont see the country in too much trouble because the monsters pander to the dimwitted Dems. They keep them unaware and make them feel safe.

Our job is to present uninformed Dems the truth about the Media so they can see the same things that WE see.

Once the uninformed Dems see things clearly, they will slowly return to acting like regular Americans.

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to bad you dont know what your talking about butt hurt Boris