Did life here come from space ?

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Jan 17, 2022
W know that all 5 nucleobases that make up RNA and DNA have been found in space along with proteins and amino acids . along with salts and water along with almost 200 other chemicals.

SO its very possible that life on earth was started in the heavens so to speak.
I have always felt these substances fell to earth in our early stages and basic single cell bacteria developed in the oceans perhaps areound hydrothermal vents in the ocean floor which are also rich in various chemicals .

Its also possible that life developed in a sort of primordial soup in shallow water . And there's the god angle also and of course there is the theory of life being seeded here from aliens which I find hard to buy myself. . And you have the Miller-Urey
experiment back in the 50s which brings up even more possibility

I would like to hear some others who have intelligent comments to add on the subject.
I only touched the surface of possibility and added the one I think is most likely for a starter.