Do Christians Jews and Muslims worship the same God?

Christians Believe in the Ten Commandments. Jews and Muslims Don't.
Christianity was derived from Judaism. Under Judaism, the Hebrew Old Testament writings formed the basis of a covenant between God and the people of Israel. According to the prophecies found in those writings, God was going to send the Messiah, who would bless not only the Israelites, but all the peoples of the world. The prophecies set out not only the nature of the Messiah, but pinpointed His place and date of birth, along with dozens of other specific characteristics. Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled these prophecies in exquisite detail. Jesus' purpose was two-fold. First, according to both Old and New Testament writings, Jesus was God, who took on human form to teach us about Himself and His path to salvation. Second, Jesus was to provide the ultimate sacrifice (death on a Roman cross) for sins (the bad things we do), so that we could be with Him forever in heaven. To prove that He was God and that the sacrifice was just, Jesus rose from the dead. So, according to Christianity, Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah—the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies and God of all.

Christianity is more than a religion. Christianity is a way of life based upon one's love of God and love of people. Christianity is also a commitment to personal integrity and truth. Unfortunately, these days many Christians tend to be characterized by political activism and rhetoric, rather than doing the works of Jesus. My prayer for you, is that you become a true disciple of Jesus.
They all have their own god and he's bigger than your god and if you don't shut up their god will bash your god

Fortunately the unifying factor is love

Jews love Muslims

Muslims love christians

Protestants love Catholics

And they all have a monopoly on the one true faith

It's just a pity that since religion was invented they want to spend lots of time demonstrating this love by torturing and brutally murdering each other
Christians are supposed to be for Jesus. all other religions are against Jesus. I worship Christian God. I think Muslims and jews worship different God. the link say that all religions come from the jews because of profeten Abraham, so what do you think?

The enemy is not religions.

The enemy is right wing religions and supernatural beliefs.
There is no different in the Christian God .... Jews, Christaians .... it does not matter ...

The difference in interpretation comes down to FORGIVENESS ......

Which religion or belief is acting on intolerance/violence .... there is your answer ..... violence against the innocent is ALWAYS a fail .... regardless of what they believe, regardless of what it is called ....
How dare you criticize using inquisitions and jihads. --- Kidding.

I hate those who tolerate the intolerant, who argue with real swords that kill, instead of our verbal swords that enlighten.