Islam: Religion as a Battle Horse!


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Sep 29, 2011
Religion as a Battle Horse

No other thing than religion serve ideally as a battle horse. No other excuse is more valid to take human life by mass, than religion.

In the Name of God we kill

There is no easier a pretext to take a life, rob people of their belongings, destroy nations than religious pretexts.

The Arabs invaded whole empires and dominated the ancient world in name of Islam. There is no one mention in the sources of Islam namely the Qur'an or The Sunnah of the Prophet where Muslims must invade other lands, destroy it and convert its peoples by force.

Whole nations were submitted by the sword and this is exactly against Islamic religion.

The Crusaders led their armies into Jerusalem to subdue its citizens, destroy its kingdoms and dominate over its territories, all in the name of religion.

They wanted to cleanse the Christian land from the grip of Muslims and destroy Islamic religion in the heart of Muslims.

No easier pretext than the Appeal of the Pope in Rome for a holly war against the infidels: the Muslims.

The Ottomans have invaded and controlled the Arab world and North Africa as well as part of eastern Europe in the name of Islamic religion in order to spread Islam and cleanse the land from the infidels.

In the Middles ages no more atrocious war of torture and killing was waged against those who adopted Evangelism instead of Catholicism in the name of Religious Inquisitions.

Later on came the religious thirty years of war in Europe.

In the present time, Jews have taken over Palestine to establish the Zionist dream of the return of Jews to their homeland after two thousand years of Diaspora.

Five million Palestinian Muslims are in Diaspora today. They ,as well as Christians, have suffered under the Jews since the establishment of the Jewish State in Israel in 1948.

Muslims and Christians alike suffer every day from the inhuman treatment by Jews in the name of religion. Jews hold that they are better than Christians and Jews in terms of their religion.

The ex Soviet Union has invaded Muslims Countries like Afghanistan in order to establish communism and destroy Islam.

In the post modernity the Allies headed by the USA took the pretext of religious radicalism in order to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and dominate these countries.

If few criminals committed acts of terror against some western countries that does not mean that these countries have the right to destroy its people and establish their ideological systems by force and aggression.

Terrorists under every religion have used religion in support of their criminal acts. Criminals of all types exploit religion to kill, steal, destroy and dominate.

Muslims in name of Islam, Christians in the name of Christianity and Jews in the name of Judaism.

Hindus and Buddhists are no exception to this rule.

Today and after the criminal acts committed by Ben Laden and his team of religious mafia killers have bean attributed to Islam.

No Islam, prescribes heinous crimes against humanity and encourage terrorism. For Islam is a religion of peace and respect for man. and above all is a proclaimer for human rights and absolute democracy. Its fundamental commandment is that Muslims must not aggress against anyone and must not compel anyone to be converted to Islam as well as having respect for all religions and vouches for all freedoms for all other belief systems and for even disbelievers. Islam proclaims that Muslims do not judge people nor are they controllers of others. Every human being in Islam is responsible for his own soul. No one person is responsible for another person. This is the fundemantal precept in Islam.

But men love to kill and do evil buwith or without a pretext...' and Cain slew Abel'. Human history is one chain of constant evil doing, bloodshed and murder: Hitlerism is in every society and evil is imbedded in every soul in Man and Woman alike.