Druggie Limbaugh blames Obama for Sanford's affair

GeneralSeneca said: Its because of the Democrats and Obama that Sanford was separated from his wife? It was because of them that a local newspaper knew of his affair and had emails between Sanford and his mistress?
Exactly how did the Democrats and Obama create those personal circumstances? I think those personal issues would weigh far more heavily on an elected official than losing the fight over stimulus money and watching the nations sink into debt. The political issues blamed on the Democrats were not career sinkers, his personal issues were career sinkers.

Well, now the ever so righteous Mark Sanford has had a 'light bulb' moment and is calling his affair justified because..."I knew what the risks were for my political career, but she was my soul mate". OMG, DRAMA MOMMA needs to go check into some serious counseling and then make a heartfelt attempt at reconciliation of his marriage...if Jenny is still waiting to be the second fiddle for her wayward/confused/highly Shakespearian/thoughtless hubby who knew what this was going to do to his political career and just couldn't help himself because "she was his soul mate".

Lack of respect for his position, lack of respect for his family/wife, just a thoughtless self absorbed narcissistic elected official! He needs to go away and find his true inner man!!!
This thread posts the streaming actual spoken word of Limbaugh being an apologist for Sanford's sorted affair.
Which has been shown to be an outright lie. The context of what he was saying was his theory about why Sanford disappeared for 5 days without telling anyone. Rush never excused the affair or blamed Obama. You're just a political hate-filled hack.

Limbaugh is a terrible fearmonger among other things and he spreads a particularly vial type of character assassination and lies.

Limbaugh is the mouthpiece for the Republicant Party
Only according to you Progs... As demonstrated by, strangely enough, a poll posted by one of your fellow progs.

It would be just as absurd of me to suggest that Jon Stewart were the mouthpiece for the Democrat party as it is for you to suggest Rush is for the Republicans... However believing and repeating it as you do, moves it from the category of absurd to the logical fallacy of Argumentum ad nauseam.

Then all the moderates and Independents must be siding with the Liberals because elections don't lie... and the last 2... Conservatives have been thrown out of office in favor of Liberals by HUGE numbers.
There weren't any Conservatives running, just a slew of squishy "moderate" Rino's like McCain... The Democrats put up blue dog Democrats, rather than "liberals", in order to win... which is why 44 of your precious "liberals" voted against your messiahs tax and cripple bill in the house and only 8 Republicans voted for that garbage. There was a larger bi-partisan vote against the bill than for it...