Extreme Anti-Americanism and emotional defence. Obama=Gorbatchov – changes ruin ....

Paul Lasaro

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May 20, 2009
Americans would be surprised and shocked if they knew how the Russians speak among themselves about the USA. Even the online comments of big and respectable newspapers. A shocking hatred can be met, as well as an emotional defence of Americans. A well-known Russian journalist of TV, who has once interviewed also G.W.Bush, in his blog declares that: „The world has been deceived again. The world has gone crazy. Vanga (well-known prophetess) was true when she said that 44th president would be black and the last.” It causes a huge activity, a great amount ofextreme racist comments and it is one of the Top entries in the rating of the Russian Internet for three days.

But on the biggest Russian TV channel prime time commentaries Obama is compared with Gorbatchov and it can be understood that America might have the same destiny as the Soviet Union. About it – further in the blog.

At first I tried to translate some comments which I found in the online version of one of the biggest newspapers in Russia „Argumenty i Fakty”. This newspaper according to Wikipedia .... „1990 it had a print run of 33.5 million and was entered in Guinness World Records.” Current circulation is about 3 million copies, with about 7 million readers.

At the article „Medvedevs (the president of Russia): we will return to the question of currency” the following comment of the reader was pointed out.
- „Who is the president for us? Tell me, please, who is the president in Russia? Obama? Are we a kind of suff to the USA? Every time switching on the popular TV News programme I hear: „President Obama”, „Economics of the USA”, „Obmana said” (Obmana – it’s a play on words, changing Obama to Obmana in Russian it will be – lies), „ Obmana has praised somebody, has tapped somebody on the shoulder”, it could be supposed that all the other salivate when they are talked to....”

- „I completely agree with an ingenious remark about Obama – Obmana. Such a PR (for Obama) as if he would be the next (of Russia) president. P.S. In the news about 85% of information is not connected with a life of a normal Russian citizen.”

Next to the article „Can we expect an eternal friendship between the USA and Russia?” such lines can be read:

- „As I understand „king is made by his entourage”. Have you ever analysed the structure of B.H.Obama’s administration? What are your impressions? Let’s look at, for example, Hillary Clinton – she is just like a shark. I have a feeling that transoceanic players of thimbles (a simple cheat game) have decided to pretend to be chess players. Can we (Russians) win them in their territory with their rules?”

Next to the article „The proud greediness” Russians write about Americans’ greediness and ability to waste the money:

- „At first America shouldn’t have been provided with the virtual papers. They live at our expense and besides, are rude to us. It’s not enough that they live on our finances earned in hard work, they took Alaska away, made mischief among all countries, made us idiots and faked the medicine for a headache.”

- „There is nothing bad about greediness and consumption. Otherwise – go back to your caves, live in tribes or build communism. There will never be a social fairness, I do not want to share something with Chinese who have made my notebook just for pennies. You will see – America will get out of the crisis with minimum loss, we (Russians) have to learn from them.”

Next to the article „Obama. The first scandal” where Americans publicly had an argument with Iranians in UN meeting Russian readers express their opinion like:
- „Scrutinize Obama’s behaviour when he takes the floor. He doesn’t see the audience, his look can not be caught, he always speaks with a highly raised head, gesticulates with certainty. I am sure he would behave like that even if the hall was empty. He is like an oracle – betokens. He can’t be convinced, he in his role doesn’t hear anybody and anything. But the goals are the same

– expansion, mopping up and state’s terrorism. I feel sick because he just prints and prints the bucks but the whole world gnaws each other’s neck for them. Nevertheless, we have everything – oil, grain and enough intelligent people but without their green money we stand .... in an interesting pose. Is it only blood and war that can wash in those cheats and convicts in the sea? How long are they going to jerk others with them and is there going to be anybody except Chinese and mumba-jumba tribe in the jungle? It’s rather terrible.”

- „....Russians are just allowed to criticize and contaminate America .....the headline also is rather venomous – Barak Obama: The first scandal (finally, we got it, what a mercy). You are just expecting the collapse of America but that will be your unfulfilled dream. What will actually collapse – that you will see by yourselves rather soon.”

The newspaper „Argumenty i Fakty” is rather infuriated about the openly hostile Internet blog of the popular Russian TV journalist Vladimir Soloviev (has interviewed also G.W.Bush) – „44th president of the USA will be black and last” The newspaper proclaims that this blog has caused a big stir in the Russian Internet environment and has been even the one of the TOP entries for three days. The newspaper shortly quotes the basic idea of the journalist’s blog. Soloviev has promulgated such an entry:

- „To my mind, the choice of Baraka Obama as the president of the USA – a confirmation for the degradation of America’s political system and a result that was achieved by political correctness of this once so powerful state. In fact we all could observe the opposite process of the racist choice. If once a lynching of negroes (origin. - негров, negrov) was supposed to be called a racism, then nowadays racism is choosing between the white and black by voting for the white.

What has he achieved in his life? What has he been able to do yet, what is he famous for? Nothing. What can he do? Nothing. What does he know? Nothing.

The world has been deceived again. The world has gone crazy. Vanga (well-known prophetess) was true when she said that 44th president would be black and the last. I’m sorry for America, a good country was but it fizzled out so fast.”

It all has provoked a big stir with a great amount of hostile racist comments. They are so disgustful that I kept off translating them. The journalist of a newspaper Sergej Roganov tells that he is surprised about the Russian bloggers’ ability to be so malevolent. Also other readers with their comments agree with him and criticize impoliteness and give honour to the USA. The readers write:

- „Thanks to Sergei Roganov about „Runet” blog report that is based on common sense and not on hysteric emotions. Hostile comments can be explained by changing „kitchen democracy” into „Internet democracy’. If some time ago we came together in the kitchen and whispered heroically the truth ( it’s a phenomenon of the Soviet Union when you could talk openly only in the kitchen) then now we do the same on the keyboard „Made in Taiwan”. Otherwise, nothing has changed, Americans are the bad ones according to our definition but we have got so many anecdotic heroes that can loudly declare that the president of America is ... (there you can use your fancy as much you wish and can). A school (Russia) was ruined after a loud announcement about the readiness for the new school year – Americans must be blamed for that, people died trying a new submarine – Americans must be blamed for it, inflation in Russia – Americans are guilty, etc. I would like to turn to the haters of the USA: be consistent in your words and deeds – give up the Internet, worked out by Americans, delete Windows, Word, Internet Explorer, knock together a block of Intel Pentium system. If you have dollars burn them. If you have got Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, etc. convey them to the garbage dump. Take a calculator „Elektronika”(archaic, heavy calculator of Soviet times), count how many goods there are at your home with a sign „made in Russia” and type it on a typewriter „Lubava” ( an old Soviet machine). Have a good luck!”
On the whole it seems that Anti-Americanism in Russia is the same range as during the Cold War and the regime of Putins has promoted it greatly.

Every evening the biggest Russian TV channel, controlled by the Kremlin, in the news prime time broadcasts comments of some Mikhail Leontiev. Watching them it seems that a propaganda boss of the Nazi Germany - Goebbels's smiles in his grave. Recently Leontev has compared Obama with Gorbatchov.
Also Gorbatchov has called people to a „new thinking” but how did it finish ... ?! Leontiev hints at the audience that after Gorbatcov the Soviet Union collapsed. He says: „A new thinking – remember how it everything started? Some thought – it was a joke. But how did it finish? A crisis – it is also in America. So to say, we, of course, don’t love Americans. But not so. Humanism is not strange to us at all.”

But it should be understood that Anti-Americanism is not characteristic only for Russia. It can be met widely in the whole world. Also in Europe. It seems that Americans do not completely realize how strong are its fundamentals. It’s naive to think that it appeared only during G.W.Bush time. Its fundamentals have been consistently built for at least hundred years. Most active - during the last fifty years. It is a fight where Americans regularly lose, it taints its reputation, economics and stability.

Have a nice Day and be careful,
Paul Lasaro
Re: Extreme Anti-Americanism and emotional defence. Obama=Gorbatchov – changes ruin .

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Re: Extreme Anti-Americanism and emotional defence. Obama=Gorbatchov – changes ruin .

""Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities."
-- Winston Churchill

Tha same we can say about all others. Including me and You.
I'm wondering how trandy is blame in everything only americans.
Sometime I had feeling that is way how to europeans feeling better
Re: Extreme Anti-Americanism and emotional defence. Obama=Gorbatchov – changes ruin .

Americans ought to make no mistake, Russia is not a friend, they are not an enemy, but they are an adversary.

Another reason why I think running off to cut nuclear stockpiles with Russia sends them the wrong message. It bases the entire relationship on nuclear weapons, and you do not do that with a friend. Any nuclear deal we cut with Russia basically ensures that they will not be an ally for years to come, if ever.
Re: Extreme Anti-Americanism and emotional defence. Obama=Gorbatchov – changes ruin .

One of the most realistic answers - why Russia permanently keeping Cold War atmosphere is again - oil prices.
All Russian economy is build on oil prices - if prices goes bellow 45 USD per barell Russian state budget are to close to collapse. (source - russian economists)
Every USD higher gives more incomes.
For example - rebels in Nigeria keeping oil prices approx for 3 % higher. Russia extra incomes - about 1 billion USD extra every Year. OK - in Nigeria are other players, I'm not sure about russians. But in general they are very interested for keeping unstable situation. Also in US - Iran relationship. This could be real reason why they protesting against nuclear systems in Europe.
Other more delicate problem with Russia is mr.Putin. He is old KGB spy and still thinking in communist time stereotypes.
Re: Extreme Anti-Americanism and emotional defence. Obama=Gorbatchov – changes ruin .
Americans ought to make no mistake, Russia is not a friend, they are not an enemy, but they are an adversary.

Another reason why I think running off to cut nuclear stockpiles with Russia sends them the wrong message. It bases the entire relationship on
nuclear weapons, and you do not do that with a friend.