Fire and Ice


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May 30, 2007
Using the laws of logic we can easily get out of the war. Before the people demand peace, the people must demand benevolent leadership. As we know, fear of opposing powers, has put us on the offensive, in regards to force. According to Ayn Rand, “men who attempt to survive, not by means of reason, but by means of force, are attempting to survive by way of the animals.” Therefore, when we invade countries, we are becoming animals, to suppress animalistic behavior. Military is treated like animals for this very reason. Pavlov’s dog teaches that positive reinforcement can guide animals’ behavior considering animals are driven by the pain-pleasure mechanism and are not advanced enough to have a code of values. Their pleasure, or the sensation, that drives their action is promotion, which acts as an incentive to continue, regardless of lack of value there is in continuing. Man is the only being conscious enough to realize that sensation does not always coincide with value. To divert the soldiers mind from the dehumanizing stratification and subservience, that is required in an effective military, and to prevent recalcitrance in the soldiers, they are paid, which helps to ease the minds of those who feel they are sacrificing their sovereignty for the good of their oppressors, and not for their country. As I said once before, to follow or become subservient to man is to lose ones identity and abdicate ones crown, his sovereignty. Brotherhood implies sovereignty to all individuals. War obstructs this concept of brotherhood, changing those involved to machines or commodities as oppose to equals.

A country which practices the virtue of honesty, patience and rationality knows how to keep evil at baby without engaging in force. To suppress hate, one must express love. A war that makes no use of the power of love is a war that knows no end, just as a nation which keeps no value, is a nation which reaches no victory. Peace is the end of war, and the continuation of brotherhood. Peace is the pinnacle of victory.

To stop terrorism, one must love the terrorist. To use force, or fire, against force, will only spread more fire, or war. When a government has already resorted to fire, hate, it can no longer extinguish fire, without the use of ice, or love. Once a collectivized group has become fire, it becomes more difficult to become ice, or love, without new leadership which can initially establish itself against the tyranny of fire, or hate, which has become the majority. Therefore, Revolution must take place outside of the apparent majority, to transform the majority. Fire, or hate, is less capable of extinguishing fire, or in other words, a perverse organization becomes less capable of reawakening the majority, as animosity is to hard to repel. Negative people are only capable of spreading negativity. Positive people can change negative people more easily than negative people can change positive people; however, if one is neither positive nor negative, he is more easily swayed by the negativity. It is more difficult to make an optimist a pessimist, if that optimistic is sincere, but it is less difficult for a pessimistic to bring down those who are neither pessimistic nor optimistic, or the apathetic. Those who succumb to fire, or negativity, can ignite more fire, and/or contain fire, but they can not put out the fire. This is why our government needs new leadership.

A new force, or new leadership, as long as they don’t resort to fire, which can also mean spiteful, vindictive or contemptuous rhetoric, has the ability to put out the fire, with ice, or love, through the practice of the virtues of honesty, compassion and patience. To shield oneself from the negativity, one must have faith and the ability to reason. Keeping the values of faith and reason and establishing oneself as ice, or love, will prevent the pull of fear and hate and make leadership possible. A government without love is a government without leadership. Fear and hate obstruct rationality, but faith combats both.

According to Ayn Rand, “Ethics is an objective metaphysical necessity of man’s survival” Without them, man is more likely to be brought down by what is evil, or more animalistic. This more often then not causes the victim to resort to force, man’s animalistic nature. Resorting of force is an event where one is acting as ones own destroyer. And that is why; the standard of value is life. Man is conscious of value regardless of whether he possesses value or not. Without proper leadership, ones perception may be skewed, but nonetheless, to a simple or complex extent, man realizes the fundamental difference between good and evil. To choose to be ignorant of good and evil is to accept death. A complex perception of right and wrong begins to formulate advanced virtues, or etiquette.

Complex law brings down the value of the subject. One who keeps good values does not allow complex law, for complex law authorizes the initiation of force, which violates man’s rights, and defies the standard of value and the source of rights, which is man’s life. Law is created to protect freedom. Freedom is the right to live. When law no longer protects one’s right to live, the law itself becomes an obstacle of freedom, which in effect, breaks value, and becomes corruption. When corruption becomes the majority, benevolence is left as the only remedy. Therefore, in democratic ages, when tyranny of the majority has risen, ecclesiastical principality must return, bringing altruism, benevolence, and even the spirit of God as the cure to selfishness, malevolence and polarized politics. To shun or silence the prince, or he who is devoid of corruption is to avoid a solution.

To enhance security which invades privacy is to sacrifice value and freedom, for security and protection, which more often than not will bring slavery… War in a way, is the slavery, to which the brainwashed perceive as the only means to peace. People don’t necessarily fear peace; they just lack the virtues, such as patience and honesty, to obtain the value, which is peace. In times of peace, it is more difficult to combat fear and hate, for enemies are capricious. This is why faith is required, for with faith, you believe that keeping your values will work, and thus you practice virtue to keep those values, which builds a reputation of integrity as oppose to depravity. Therefore, instead of resorting to force, one must make use of the virtue of patience, and strive for diplomacy, concentrating more on mending the relationship between enemies, without forgetting about allies, or without sacrificing values, to sustain the relationship between allies. When one subjects an ally to surveillance he is sacrificing values, for security.
"These two, apparently, are willing to stake the lives of their fellow men on their own conceited notions about their powers of judgment, against the overwhelming majority opinion of recognized experts. Should society permit it?"

Rand, Atlas Shrugged

makes me think of the Iraq War.
At no point does this fluff piece even approach making a salient point. How does one defeat terrorism with love?

Philosophical mumbo-jumbo is fine, as long as it it is somehow used to segue into an argument for practical policies. This does no such thing. It sounds like someone blew up a warehouse filled with self-help books and stitched the pages back together.