Ford's passing away


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Aug 31, 2006
I seen this on the news last night and I thought it brought up a good question for discussion. Do you think that his decision to pardon Nixon was the right one? In my opionion with what was going on at the time that he made the right decision. The last thing we needed at the time was a former President to be on trial. That is not to say that I think that Nixon didn't do anything wrong.
I was a teenager when all this happened. My understanding at the time is that Ford took into consideration the shock and anger the nation was feeling, the fact that the Vietnam War had also left so many people separated into ideological camps, and that just in general there was a lot of negativity among the citizens who only fifteen years before were looking to the future with so much promise. In his estimation, the cost of a trial would not only mean diverting monies that could be used for better purposes, but also the continued emotional toll on US citizens was just not worth it.

I don't think Ford's pardon was ever done for the express purpose of excusing Nixon for the wrongdoing, but more as a way to get us past the whole incident as a nation.
I agree with you and what you posted wholeheartedly. To be honest I never realized that at the time so many people thought he made the wrong choice. But since his passing a lot of those same people that looking back on it now that he did do the right thing for the country.
In retrospect, I personally think it was the right decision. I was a kid then, and not really into the whole political junk that was going on, but I remember my parents saying something along the lines of, "I sure am glad we don't have to watch a major trial."

My opinion is, however, and I know it's not a popular one, is that Nixon didn't do anything that other Presidents - past or current - haven't done. He just got caught. Do I think it was right? No. Do I think he had cause to do it? Who knows?
You are right about saying that he probably didn't do anything that another president has done, he was just unlucky and got caught. I think what bothers me the most besides the fact that he did it was he tried to cover his tracks and have other people lie for him when it was very apparent as to what he had done.