Foreign Immingrants have the law on their side.


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Jun 13, 2007
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Its seems when Foreign Immingrants enter america and break the laws they are extempt from going to prison or jail. Instead they can be let go or deported.Thats what happing in america cause illegals from mexico seem to have santuary from going to prison when they commit murder. Because those are international laws set by the UN. Just like i can commit murder or even rape in france or in germany and not be inprisoned for it. And theres nothing the french or German goverment can do about it cause im which you called diplomatic immunity. I learned an eppisode on Chips Officer Ponch pulled over a guy whos from Saudi Arabia living in LA. And Ponch said you were speeding 79 on a 55MPH zone. And he ask him sign the ticket he refused cause he said he was diplomatic immunity.So he took him tio jail and he got his right to a phone call he called the saudi embassy and he freed him cause of his status of diplomatic immunity. The sarge said those are the laws of the UN and we cant arrest him or detain him. So it works both ways we cant commit a crime in america but we can commit it in france or in germany.
A diplomat is, by definition, not an immigrant, and diplomatic immunity is an old tradition extending back well before the U.S. was founded.

The fact that immigrants tend not to get punished for their crimes half as strongly as they ought to is an entirely separate issue.
Let say i rape a girl in france or in germany. And i flew back to the states. Now theres nothing can they do about it right?
Probably not, outside of expelling the diplomat from the country permanently.

However a diplomat can be prosecuted in his home country for crimes committed abroad.

Part of the nature of diplomacy is that it's assumed that no nation will appoint as a diplomat the kind of man who will rape someone and then claim diplomatic immunity.
What's funny is that when I googled "kenya diplomatic immunity rape" to try to find some mention of this story, the first link that came up lead me... to this very thread. I could find no other source for this alleged case.

At any rate, if a Kenyan rapes a woman in NYC and then claims diplomatic immunity (and is actually given it), then the US ought to insist that he is prosecuted and punished at home, and cut off diplomatic relations and foreign aid until he is. Diplomatic immunity does not entitle a diplomat to do whatever he wants; nations have other tools at their disposal.

And as I've said before, diplomats are by definition not immigrants. The absurdly unfair leniency immigrants are given is an issue entirely separate from diplomatic immunity.