Fred Thompson, should he run?


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Nov 1, 2006
I have a friend who is hoping that Fred Thompson, actor/former TN Senator, will run for President on the Republican ticket. She thinks he can give the others a run for their money. He's said he's not ready to announce yet. Do you think he should run? Do you think he'll stand a chance if he doesn't do so soon?
He's an interesting wrench if he throws himself into this. He's a smart man, he was a great federal attorney, a fine Senator and has more face time in front of Americans - because of Law and Order - than most other candidates with the exception of Hillary Clinton. There's the Reagan aspect to him as well not only because he's an actor but because he seems just plain different. He's an actor and not a bad one!

I think it would be interesting to see what happened if he did run.
There was a straw poll someplace that I was sent and responded to. Actually, if the election were held that day, and just from the number of people that responded, Fred Thompson would win hands-down. He had over 2,500 votes, his closest competitor wasn't even close with 848 votes. (I don't remember who it was.)

On the democratic side, they had Hillary winning, with Obama close behind.
Thing is that we haven't heard much about how Thompson stands on the issues ...that may not even matter these days but I think he won that straw poll because we aren't sick of hearing him yet.
Actually, I've seen Thompson on quite a few news programs, and he's very eloquent in his speaking. He knows where he stands, and he's not afraid to say what he thinks. Of course, the fact that he's a Republican probably means he'll be lambasted in the press, or he'll be completely ignored. I'm not sure which.
I don't know that he'll be ignored. The normally liberal networks seem to rather like him. I like him but want to know more about him first.
What I find interesting is the fact that he's being considered a "front runner" by some people, and he hasn't even declared yet. LOL
What that means to me is that the Republicans aren't happy with the field of candidates yet. There's alot of baggage for Guiliani and McCain and I think the hope is that Thompson doesn't have as much.
I would only vote for McCain if he was the only candidate running against someone I really DIDN'T want to get in. However, I'm glad there are other candidates and the election's still a way off.
I like him as an actor! I really have not paid attention to his political career, but I am willing to give him a chance... if he runs against Hillary, then I will not vote for him.
Then we'll cancell one another out lol ...I'll vote for anyone but Hillary. She's got to get herself nominated first though's not a slam dunk for her.
I don't believe it's a slam dunk for her, either. She has too many "secrets" in background. Then, there's the fact that if she IS elected, she intends to make ol' Bill an Ambassador, so she doesn't have to deal with his shenanegins or share the power. I just don't think she'll make it.
When she announced what she would have Bill do ...being Ambassador of the World came across as something that smacked of 'the Clintons will rule the world". I read that she will have Chelsea acting as First Lady. She's got a brother. What duty will he provide? Bill has that former drug dealer brother they could plug in somewhere too.
Back to Fred....does anyone know a quick and easy place to check out his record as a senator? That might be a good place to get some indications of how he tends to think.