Hillary campaigning with Obama


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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
Go Hillary! Whatever happened to those PUMAs anyway?

Barack Obama Monday aimed to put another dent in John McCain's comeback hopes with a double-bill rally in Florida with ex-foe Hillary Clinton to kick off a frenetic final fortnight of the White House race. The rally is part of a three-day campaign offensive by the Democratic nominee's team in the electorally crucial southern state, as they hope to lock in an advantage with the start of early voting there Monday

Check this out:

after Obama attracted a monstrous crowd of 100,000 people to St. Louis on Saturday.
McCain drew an unenthusiastic crowd of about 2,500 to a rally in St. Charles, an affluent town outside St. Louis

Thanks, but the primaries are over...Hillary, like a good Democrat, has put her differences with Obama aside and is working for the greater good. You might take a cue from her lead, if in truth you ever were a Democrat.

Really! I can see how Bill and her are so excited to campaing for him. If they do is so he can pay their debt.....
haha today bill was doing some stump speech for obama and he said he was only there because hilllary made him go :) it was so cute

so yes she is good to her party

Hey NO, have you got your ballot yet? I got mine Saturday, me and my partner have already filled ours out and they're ready to go.
Hey NO, have you got your ballot yet? I got mine Saturday, me and my partner have already filled ours out and they're ready to go.

Yep but I dont turn it in till the day before its due.

I got a few friend who never voted to finally regester. I am sad though, two women I thought I had convinced to vote McCain just wrote in Hillary but I would rather see that than Obama ;)

I was able to sway probably 100 aprox votes way from Obama this year. but most of them were in Oregon :( I was not able to sway very many in other states. 4 years ago I bet I was able to sway at least 70 ish in Florida alone. But this year I got stuck putting my time here with you guys who aint budging in your vote where last time I was with something like a focus group of indies. Next time I wont blog like this, Ill really push in those swing states. but this was a good experience
Popeye I bet you are voting for that horrid beast woman for Gov arnt you?

Christine? Of course.....Rossi is backed by the development happy BIAW who have put record amounts into his campaign and are running sleazy ads. Stuff like claiming Gregoire is soft on child molesters, crap like that. I'd vote for Gregoire anyway, but Rossi is a real slime.
As you can see by the link, it's a virtual dead heat but if I was a Republican I'd like Rossi's chances.


Why dont you like him? Just because he has an R?

that woman stole the election last time, she is a horrific beast for doing that.

He will win this one like he won the last one and she will find 3 more boxes of ballots in some basement that are for king county where more people voted than actually live there just like last time

ugh she should be in jail :(

I wish I lived in washington just so I could vote against her

Get Rossi in then trade us, you can have sleepy ted :)
Why dont you like him? Just because he has an R?

I don't like Rossi for numerous reasons..he reminds me of a used car salesman always fudging or omitting the truth. He even has refused to list himself on the ballot as a "Republican" instead he's listed as "prefers the GOP party"..

You might think everyone knows GOP means Republican but a poll taken a few months ago found that 7% of all respondents thought GOP referred to the Democratic Party, and 18 percent polled didn't even know "GOP" meant "Republican."

I also don't like his cozy relationship with the anti environmental Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW). If they had their way they would pave Washington state from one end to the other putting up strip malls and housing developments. The BIAW has contributed more than 7 million dollars to Rossi and is also running sleazy ads independent (so they say) from his campaign.

that woman stole the election last time, she is a horrific beast for doing that.

That's a popular theory that has been put forth by disgruntled Republicans but it doesn't pass muster...lets look at the facts:

After the 3 recounts eventually declared Gregoire the winner, Rossi refused to concede and the Republican Party filed a lawsuit in Chelan County (eastern WA. very conservative) Superior Court contesting the election, but the trial judge ruled against it. In fact Judge Bridges not only rejected all claims of fraud but he rejected the Rossi campaign's claim that improperly cast ballots led to Gregoire's victory. Adding insult to injury he found that 4 felons had actually voted for Rossi, removing 4 votes from Rossi's final total.

Rossi finally conceded after the court's decision and he has moved on. If fact, as I previously stated, I think he is in relatively good shape to win this time...Gregoire has been polling consistently under 50% and often with an incumbent that spells trouble..we'll see.