Obama Tells Hillary Supporters to 'Get Over It'

Well thanks... that's very kind of you to say.

That's just the way I hear what Senator Obama says. I think that's the way a majority will hear what he says. America can't take another 4 years of McBush policy I know that.




Maybe if you can speak for him, he can get more votes :) It is kind of funny that when he speaks you hear one thing and I hear another.

I think if he wins I will have to break my promise to not speak badly about a sitting president. I have never done it in the past and I hate that about people but I will probably not be able to keep my mouth shut.
it's not that easy Barack Hussein Obama!!!!

I think there is a much larger group of people who will not vote for Obama than the Obama "followers" will admit.

There has to be a way to show them in November that they were wrong. Not all would be willing to vote McCain, so that idea has to be out. I think most would do a write in for Hillary, but I am not sure how many states would count HER right in’s, or if they count write ins in general. So I am not sure that would make as big of a statement as it could. I wish there were a third option that all pro Hillary and Anti McCain and anti Obama could do.

I would vote for Hillary but I will never vote for Obama and I sure don’t want to have to vote for McCain.....