McCain's apology for radio commentator


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Nov 5, 2007
From CNN:
A conservative radio talk-show host said that "he's had it up to here" with Sen. John McCain after the GOP presidential candidate repudiated the commentator's remarks about Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at a campaign event.

"John McCain threw me under a bus -- under the 'Straight Talk Express,' " Bill Cunningham told CNN on Tuesday, referring to McCain's campaign bus...

Cunningham, known for his flame-throwing style, repeatedly used Obama's middle name -- Hussein -- during his remarks, made as a warm-up for the audience waiting to hear McCain speak.

In his first public comment since Tuesday's event, Cunningham defended his use of Hussein, which he called "a proud Muslim name."

"I have nothing but respect for my Muslim brothers and sisters," he said. "The ones who oppose that particular name, they're the ones with the problem, not me. His name is Barack Hussein Obama."

McCain, who was not onstage as Cunningham spoke, said he was told about the "disparaging remarks."

"I absolutely repudiate such comments, and again I will take responsibility -- it will never happen again. It will never happen again," he said.

In a statement, Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said that McCain's remarks were appreciated: "It is a sign that if there is a McCain-Obama general election, it can be intensely competitive, but the candidates will attempt to keep it respectful and focused on issues."...

"But I'm not going to meet him again. I've had it up to here with John McCain. I'm joining Ann Coulter in supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton," [Cunningham] said.
What's the deal with this? If you don't really believe in a candidate, don't support him/her. If you're going to be so quick to "join Ann Coulter" and campaign for Clinton over McCain, why speak at a McCain rally in the first place?
i think this just shows how crazy this year's election is. you have some republicans supporting Obama, others supporting Clinton - i mean who would have ever expected Ann Coulter to support Hillary Clinton?! then you have democrats supporting Ron Paul, who is a republican (well sort of) and other democrats like Joe Lieberman supporting republican John McCain. its just all mixed up!