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Dec 9, 2006
NY Police Report Bomb to Frame Activist as Terrorist

"By the time the government finds out, you'll be in the hole thirty days" 9/11 Truther is Told By Officer Who Admits to False Accusation of Having a Bomb.
Two persons identifying themselves as New York police officers interrupted a 9/11 Truth demonstration on a public sidewalk in front of the new WTC 7 Building to intimidate free speech, stating "Larry [Silverstein] doesn't want to hear it," before accusing We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowski of having a bomb and that his cell phone was "a gun."

NY Police Report Bomb to Frame Activist as Terrorist

What a load of B.S.
Alex Jones commented, "We have New York police on tape threatening to frame someone for terrorism in a nonchalant fashion. How bad would it have gotten if there were no cameras around? If they'll talk like this on camera, heaven help us."

Doesn't seem like Alex Jones needs heaven to help him, as these "police officers" were amazingly willing to do so...
It was interesting, but ultimately the whole incident was non-eventful. The police never took them in, it seems. They just re-located them to a nearby park.