Imus Hurts A Students Sensibilities!!!!

:rotflmao: Isn't that the truth!!!!!

Of the hip hop people I've seen interviewed since this whole fiasco, most of them swear they won't change a thing. That THEY know what they mean and just because the rest of us don't isn't their problem.:cool:
I was watching last night Anderson Cooper 360, and there was a report about how they are promoting "Stop snitching" as a way to criminals get away with it. It is in songs and all over the place, and this kids are growing up thinking that if they see someone commiting a crime, they shouldn't tell anybody, much less the police. I think that is much worse than other lyrics! Don't you think?
Yup. The hip hop industry can't be overlooked it has been ..for its contribution to current culture, and not in a positive way either. This is where i get so angry at black leaders. Look within a little bit!
A couple of ours ago I saw Larry King's 50 years, and his interview with Oprah. She said something interesting, because she said she talked to the Rutgers girls and told them that not Imus and NOBODY actually had the power to scar them and to put them down. They had the power to be the best, and not pay attention to what other said. I think that was the best of everything I've heard about the matter. And I agree with Oprah.
I heard an interview with Russell Simmons in NPR yesterday which infuriated me. He claims that words used in hip hop music are 'art' because they reflect life in the ghetto. Well, guess what, if they put the words on the map, they can't complainwhen they become mainstream either.