Imus, Sexism and racism in society

Hard Driver

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Jun 10, 2007
I just found it interesting reading this article about what good has come from the Imus firing.

I agree that putting the spotlight on these issues was a good thing. I agree that pointing the light at black based rap music that uses all the same insults routinely was good, as well.

I think all media should hold the same standards, whether created by black, white, hispanic or any other group. So what I found irritating is the quote:

Speaking at the National Association of Black Journalists' recent convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, he made it clear that NBC is better today after enduring the high-stakes Imus affair.

Whoaa.. Doesn't anyone find it interesting that there is no problem with having a national association of black journalists. I mean, is there a national association of white journalists. If there was, people would be screaming racism. If we are really going to have an equal society, we should either support white based groups, or preferable, not support any race centric groups.

I don't have problems with groups who are watchdogs for racism. It is groups that are formed strictly to promote one races interests above others that is racism itself. Whether it is white journalists or black journalists. Whether it is the black congressional caucus or a white congressional caucus.

I mean take either of these pages and replace black with white and would they be racist?
I agree with you hard driver, its just that society feels its acceptable to let every other race get away with it because whites have been the oppressor in the past.
I don't deny that. But I grew up with it. The discrimination by white men. It has been very real, and personally affected me, and most of the women I knew. Not to mention the Elks, Moose, Masons,etc. Women couldn't join, but they could bring food and clean up after the men.