Investing Shows


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Nov 8, 2007
Are investing shows good for the economy?
Or do they just cause people to blindly follow them with their money...
I like to watch shows like Cramer's Mad Money where he goes into detail as to why he chooses to buy certain stock and sell others. I also like the audience participation via phone. I'm certainly not a stock genius but I have a good feeling about what he says.
in a way i think it engages people who normally wouldn't play the stock market. there is risk in that, though. so i guess as long as they let you know "hey this is risky" then i think it's fine. i think it gives other people the chance to make money in the stock market, not just corporate insiders.
just watch the shows for a market re-cap. I don't ever make calls on what they recommend because half of the time they are wrong. Take it with a grain of salt and if you do actually consider something on there make sure to do some serious research.

Im not long on most stocks because when I do trade its usually a day trade.