Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary


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May 3, 2015
I feel people will be watching both of these to see who really stands a good chance of being nominated. The Democratic race is not over, but as much as Sanders sounds great, will people think he can come through with the goods? He may do well in New Hampshire being next to his home state and having already spent a lot of time there.

The Republicans is a different matter and I expect the outcome of these two will encourage or discourage a campaign. It's out of the hands of the media as such, but I expect all will be focusing their efforts in these states to gain momentum.
Certainly the typical effect.
Things could be very different this year as HRC has already hinted.
Super delegates often go lightly noticed but they allow the established party to do what it wants if need be. HRC.stated she already had the votes for the nomination on supers.
Picture what happens at a.convention if the delegates get "trumped" (pun INTENDED). Ditto the dems.
What on Earth sounds "great" about Bernie Sanders?
I wonder that myself. A young co-worker of mine is all atwitter about ol' Bernie. I listened to one of his rambles, and I swear it was just some old worn out rhetoric about how we have to do this and that, about some such and such progressive crap, and not one thought was original or anything to get worked up about! I just don't see the appeal of an old Communist being elected President!