Is Bin Laden dead?

I don't think that Osama bin Laden being dead or alive makes much difference at this point. To kill or capture him would simply be symbolic at this point. He planted the seed of world wide terrorism and it has spread to the point that even he couldn't control it.

He has served his purpose. It would be great if he were dead though.
American intelligence shows that bin Ladin recieved the treatment he needed to keep him alive. When the article says that bin Ladin's death would come as a blow to neo-conservatives is about the dumbest thing I've read in quite a while. How great would it be for the White House to pull a body up on stage and say "look at the great thing we've done!" It would be the biggest public relations event of this presidency.
At this point I am not too concerned about it either way. Even if he's dead, the next guy down will just replace him. He is not Al-Queada. He's just their main leader.

I am not itnerested in Revenge. Bin Laden doesnt mean any more to me than any other major terrorist leader.
I'm not so sure. If he was alive, wouldn't he still be making it known? Teasing America with more videos with his propaganda about his succesful campaign of destroying the West?

Terrorism strives on doing things like that. I think he would make it known if he was alive.
It has been reported by MSM that in Dec. 2001 he has died. I've seen all their reports and I believe them. If he were alive then why did he not put out a 5 year anniversary tape like his #2 did?