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May 29, 2008
The notorious slanderous Hitler-baiting, anti-semite-baiting, racist-baiting, extremist-baiting, and Muslim-baiting of Obama by the desperate Judeofascist Land Robbers and their supporting American Diaspora is stopping.

The historically predictable opportunistic ingratiation with Obama is starting, with that magic word, “sorry”. Having failed to politically defeat him; their strategy is now to gain favorable control over his economic and military decisions, by virtue of their special cunning. The horror that they shall next discover is that Obama, unlike Clinton and Bush, is their master instead of their nig*er.
Most likely true. They will have to play Obama now in order to continue to play the US. But they also need to manage to keep the resolve of the US as their protector and the US under Obama will most likely come to see how politically expensive it is to protect the Zionist agenda for the US.

If the US ever comes to the realization that their socalled 'war on terror' would end if they played fair in the land of the Zionists, the Zionists will be sunk. And it is a long way from throwing Israel to the dogs, which incidentally the quite deserve, it is only allowing fairness for the Palestinian people who have been treated so shabbily.