It's Official


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Nov 1, 2006
Rudy Guliani has thrown his hat into the presidential ring. Do you think he signed on too quickly, or about right?
It's hard to tell. I think he is one that everyone expected was going to run from the beginning. For Rudy, I don't think it really matters if he "offically delcares" today, tomorrow, or 9 months from now.
I think it is great he is running. I think he will be the frontrunner for the Republicans myself. Cannot wait to hear more of where he stands on certain issues.
I think he will definitely give some folks a run for their money. He will be well worth watching over the next several months.
I could've called this one, honestly, but he is definitely worth watching. It looks like it will be an exciting primary season this time around.
Yes, it does. This may really be a primary season that will be exciting to everyone, even people who normally don't give the primaries that much attention.
Do you think his being "pro-choice" in regard to to abortion will hurt his chances? Or do you think people will overlook that point?
Somebody told me he was on Larry King last night. If that is true, did anyone happen to catch it?
I didn't catch him on Larry King, however, Larry's not one of my favorite people, so I don't tend to watch him that often.

Someone on another forum I'm on mentioned Bernard Carrick in regard to Guliani, do you think there's anything to be concerned about?
I didn't see him on Larry King but I do know that their website has transcripts of his show. I might head over and read the transcript. Curious to see what he had to say. I think him being pro-choice might hurt him somewhat but I could be wrong but I think alot of people are looking for where he stands on the war foremost first.
With all the other things that are going on with the world, I just don't forsee the prochoice/prolife debate having as much of an effect as some of the other issues on the table.
I'm guessing the "big" issues are national health care, the war and our coming out of it, and the budget. I could be wrong, but I don't think I'm far off.
I would agree with you. I think it is also going to be the war and where they stand on it. Also how they feel about what should be done with Iran and some of the other countries. Healthcare definently is an important issue for me.
I think that the issue of same-sex marriage will be used as a polarizing point. I also believe the comulative effect will be to draw away attention from the issues of war, withdrawal from Iraq, and possibly the national healthcare program as well.