John McCain


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Apr 10, 2007
This is why people used to love John McCain and if he'd do this kind of thing more often than I'd feel a lot better about him.

Telling another politician to grow up and get a life...I love it. Especially since he's the only one in the race with a broad depth of military service, so he's really the only one who can get away something like this.

The great thing is that Democrats will call that an "unfair advantage" when it's really just a "good reason to elect him." Did I say great? I meant really freaking sad.
Hes too old for the Job it will kill hime

get over it Billary gets the chair whether we like it or not

she was at the Bilderburg Meeting this year and we all know what that means
Older people have served, and served successfully. His age has absolutely nothing to do with his ability to lead the country if he is in good health.

My problem with McCain is the image he has tried to get out since the last election of him being a Washington outsider, and not the ordinary politician. Actually, his views are pretty average for Republicans in Congress, maybe even a little more conservative. I have nothing against his viewpoints, but when he tries to make himself out to be something he's not, it kind of annoys me.
Look Historically at the presidency and how it ages the men in the chair............he is very old and i believ it would be detrimental to his health

But as i state we can posture,conject,vote,scream,shout......None of it matters

Billary is in the chair next its been decided already
At one time I would have voted for him but no more. As Dave said, he's no outsider despite the press making him out to be one. After what the Bush people did to him in the 2000 election run up, then to embrace them wholeheartedly in the last few years is sad to me.