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"The growth in Israel’s medical cannabis industry has slowed over the past several months, but experts say regulatory changes are afoot that could reinvigorate patient numbers, if the country’s tumultuous political situation stabilizes.

Israel has one of the world’s largest medical marijuana markets.

And industry sources suggest the slight decrease in February continues a slowing trend, stemming partly, they said, from the
recent arrest of a small number of psychiatrists suspected of issuing cannabis licenses without a sufficient medical basis.

“The decline is also due to the fact that licenses can
only be obtained for very specific diseases and under precise conditions,” said Oren Lebovitch, publisher of The Israeli Cannabis Magazine.

Lebovitch noted that
Israeli governments have changed, frequently, in recent years.

Last fall, for example, the country held its
fifth election in four years.

The frequent
turnover has led to the nation's medical cannabis industry receiving inconsistent treatment from the government.

In 2020, for example, the government laid out a plan to legalize
recreational cannabis, looking to Canada as a potential blueprint.

But, that plan
failed to materialize because of a change in government."
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