Middle Eastern Madness: Portents of Tyranny

Jeffrey Neuzil

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Nov 30, 2007
The Question that Must Be faced:—face-to-face?
Who controls the wealth in the Middle East? Is there genuine hostility there or pretended conflict—Is there real war or "Oceania"?—and to what degree is there a coherence and co-ordination of U.S. interests in the region with all of the oil producing countries in conjunction with Israel, not in opposition to it: Israel provides the bulwark of nuclear security in the region as a quid pro quo for a share in the OPEC coffers, while the U.S. supports both, funding the guns—Israel and profiting immensely from the "butter": while wed support U.S. troops stationed on U.S. soil and an enormous cadre of "terrorist" lobbyists, whose job is to harass to insanity U.S. citizens who try to get a reasonably well focused picture of the shifting sands of disinformation and propaganda that tumble forth from our bidable press, which renounced the role of critical and probing journalism decades ago (see the Maculay quotation that serves as an epigram to Leo Strauss' study "On Tyranny," which answers the question to what has become of our press in the United states since roughly the death of John F. Kennedy: read the 300 page study of the Schiller Institute entitled "Children of Satan," on the now well progressed Martinest and syndicalist movement to create a unified world government;compare this to Kojeve's argument in the earlier mentioned "On Tyranny," which envisions the creation of a "universal and homogenous world state"(compare also in a more popular version F. Fukuyama "The End of History and the Last Man," which by the way is not altogether assured in its conclusion that Liberal democratic governance will satisfy all parties and thus points to the politics of the "New American Century" supported by some—not all—neocons; these politics are dyed in the wool (see Plato's "Statesman"—"carding the wool" Nietzschean Heideggerian politics and I am quite convinced that they are the deepest stratum of present-day political configurations of U.S/Geopolitical structure and its putative conflicts—which I should again stress are largely about dominating those within the U.S who attempt to gain clarity about the past—as winston Smith does in 1984 (a chillingly relevant work for our times[see C. Hitchen's "Why Orwell Matters"?—which answers the question raised in another straussian text—"What is Political Philosophy?" In my view, Weimer Germany is our present horizon, not behind us; and the wealth and economics—a global economic structure—was spawned by the University of Chicago (Political Philosophy (see Gregory Bruce Smith's peerless essay "Who was Leo Strauss? (Political Philosophy), and this has now provided the preconditions for a playing out of the Marxian dialectic of materialism, and may culminate in a revolution; consider the degree of foreign investment in the U.S.: If these investors decided to pull out, they would thrust us economically in a condition resembling Wiemer; then people would have to turn to them—the owners of all the wealth—for a fix, and they could offerus a Neo-National Socialist solution (advocated in my opinion by Heidegger), compromising our Republic and sacrificing our constitution and its liberties: Our future is very much jepordized here, and it remains a profound question if we are up to the challange its presents to all those who—like myself—are very chary of jettisoning the constitution and our liberties, tenuous as they currently at best are?! May we stave off the worst—Tyranny: Sic Semper Tyrannos!

Israel and the American Diaspora notoriously donate thousands of dollars to elect corruptible American presidential and congressional officials, who then repay Israel a thousand fold from precious tax revenues; with millions of dollars worth of technologically advanced military equipment and services, and with the priceless lives of thousands of young patriots. In the case of the un-Constitutional Iraq War, Podhoretz Neo-Con Bush sacrificed over a trillion dollars and the lives of 4,000 young patriots, to sole benefit of Israel