More attacks on Sarah Palin From Dem women

Since I'm white, referring to me as uppity is not offensive because it's a racial slur specific to blacks. It's like calling a white a peckerwood, it's an offensive slang term used specifically on whites.

Growing up we called white people crackers, I dont know why but we did. I have not heard the term peckerwood so I dont know about that one.

I refuse to be selective on what names I call people. I dont use or like the N word, I think its disgusting and I dont like any word that talks bad about Jewish people. Other than that I am not going to carry an ethnic dictionary before I discribe someones behavior.
Uppity n*****

Had he called Obama an "Uppity N***er", I would find that very offensive... But he only used the word uppity in his statement, leading sensible people to believe he was using the traditional definition - Which is very accurate in Obama's case.

As a fellow cracker (Nilla for the Urban Slang) I think you're too hypersensitive... at least when its a Republican involved....

(D) Senator Robert Byrd says "white ******s" on TV

He still has his job in Congress... Where was all this outrage over Robert "KKK" Byrd's comments? Oh thats right... He's got the (D) in front of his name, so he can say any intolerant, bigoted, hatefilled remarks he likes and no one on the Left will bat an eyelash.