Negotiate with al Qaeda?

The fact is much of what we accuse Al Queda of ....we too are just as guilty comitting the same crimes. We turture and murder just the same ..often this is spun in the media, or done via proxy or kept on the down-low. And thats the difference ..Al Queda are more transparent committing its crimes.

The concept of Al Queda however is currently being used by the bush adminstration and to that end makes sense for bush to manufacture or distort the true nature of the movement. Much of the right wing lap dogs see Al Queda more like a government and a country ...which is far from the reality!!

Please try to understand the emotional tendency of the right ...just turn on any of the right wing radio shows and see how they operate. Always ...always they try to find an enemy ....try to villify somebody or some group get their audience emotionally jackep-up!! Whether its blacks, poor welfare mothers .....or in this case Al Queda! So its in Bush interest to build these people up to make them appear to be a very forminable opponent for the richest country in the world ..with a stock pile of Nuclear weapons!! Otherwise how could he justify the $Billions we are spending?

The fact is we couldn't effectively negotiate with Al Queda if we wanted to because its so ill defined. At the core its just a pish-posh group of men with hatred for Americans, not because we are rich, not because we are successful......but because of our past actions. Now wrap that hatred around religon to coax a measure of purpose and walla have AL Queda!!

Bin Laden is just a figure head and have control over very little. A prudent leader would have squashed him years ago and certainly wouldn't be walking behind his video tapes saying ..."see I told you this guy doesn't like us"!! But its bush interest to not only have Bin Laden around ...but to build him up to be more than he really is.

Case in point ...remember how they made Zarqawi this great and mighty warrior ...remember how bush got his lap dogs cheering after his death? Back then you would have thought killing this guy would have seen an end to the violence in Iraq by now ...right? Well the fact is he wasn't that big, he wasn't that tough ..and he didn't have nearly the amount of control or power they claimed he had!!

Al Queda is more a movement and we fuel that movement! By grabbing land and oil, by the frequent and indiscriminate killings done by Israel using the very toys we give them. By trying to ram our culture of sex, porn and drugs down the throats of a different culture we fuel the animosity.

By not understanding this that end ...the right wing lap dogs are now convinced that ..if only ...if only we can destroy Iran ...things will be ok!!

Instead what will be the result of such an attack? A few token Iranian used as political pawn to distort the facts...on TV while the rest of the country become sour on the US. Much the way any American would feel if I walk into their homes and destroyed it because they own guns to protect themselves.

Al Queda is not a country, its not a government, we have organized crimminals here in the US ..more organized than Al Queda. To that end ...who ...what are you going to negotiate with them?