Newly-discovered documents may reveal conspiracy in JFK assassination


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Nov 5, 2007
John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy buffs have been handed a Presidents' Day present they are sure to savor.

The Dallas County district attorney said on Monday that he could not categorically dismiss as fake a transcript of an alleged conversation between Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald's killer Jack Ruby.

The transcript is one of many items related to the Kennedy slaying in November 1963 and Ruby's trial that were found in an old safe in a Dallas courthouse about a year ago and have been painstakingly cataloged.
In the purported conversation nearly two months before the assassination,

Oswald and Ruby discuss killing Kennedy to halt the mafia-busting agenda of his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

"We don't know if this is an actual conversation or not," District Attorney Craig Watkins told a news conference. "It will open up the debate as to whether or not there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president."

Yet if it were proven these two key figures in one of the most captivating periods in U.S. history did meet ahead of that day in Dallas, then the Kennedy assassination was almost certainly a conspiracy.

One theory about the transcript holds that it is part of a movie script that Henry Wade, the district attorney who prosecuted Ruby, worked on later with producers for a film that was never made. Among the documents found was a contract signed by Wade for a movie deal.

Adding fuel to the conspiracy fires, Watkins said his predecessors in the DA's office were "aware of the contents of the safe" but had decided to keep them secret "for whatever reason."
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Some things will never be clearly explained. I think the assassination was planned ahead of time. Too many clues point to the event as being a conspiracy.
I don't think it was a government conspiracy, but that doesn't mean that Oswald and Ruby didn't work it out together. Oswald may have told him to "assassinate" him if he got caught. If he was paranoid and/or delusional, that wouldn't be a stretch.
wow, how interesting! are those files free for the public to read? this makes the whole conspiracy thing sound a little more plausible, doesn't it?