November elections?


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Aug 31, 2006
So what do you guys think is going to happen in the November elections? I really think the Republicans are going to take a hit. The only reason I think that is because with the Iraq war going the way it is, I think the majority of the people are ready for a change. What do you think?
Honestly I too think the Republicans will take a heavy hit. But with all the post-post 9-11 reflection going on, I have to ask an honest question. Despite all the mistakes and the flagrant mishandlings, what is it about the actual major decisions, such as the war on Iraq itself, that could have been done better? I just perused an article in the TIME magazine which pretty much belonged in Bush's breast pocket...but really, it's so easy to bag him out- I gotta ask myself for a reminder on how he constitutes an unsuitable president. I can think of a lot of reasons...but let's hear yours.
I think the Democrats are going to tear apart the Republicans, but are probably going to do just as bad, if not more--than the republicans.
Where i live the main races are for statewide offices (the governor's race and the state rep race) I just got back from voting in the primary's

I do think though that the Democrats are going to pick up seats nationwide. Really a lot of people are getting fed up with Bush for good reasons.
Bush has been elected to two terms. The American people, and I'm generalizing here of course, are stupid enough to let the Republicans keep the House, unfortunately.
We can only hope that the republicans loose some headway in November. Maybe that way the USA can begin to normalize itself again.
Normalize? I think what normal entails has been inexorably shifting and we all know it.

Reminds me of this hilarious mock obituary I read about the death of somebody we once knew: Common sense. I shan't post it here though, it's not that relevant.
This really should be a slam dunk election campaign for democrats. But I'm so afraid they might drop the ball they don't seem to have any unity they tend to stick to the same old retoric and don't seem to be able to reach out to most americans.
Good point. The Democrats should have Capitalized on every single mistake made by the Republicans in the past... how many years? And not one single time have they come out stronger, or more backed. This will truly be an interesting November!
Hopefully the elections goes out nice and smoothly without the need of a recount nor the results in January :)
Well I don't think the election process could be messed up anymore than they were in years previously. As you said, hopefully all goes well from here on out.
I think a big problem with elections is the electronic voting machines (particuarly those with no paper trail). I don't see how they can be trusted and can easilly be hacked.
I'm not sure how easily they can actually be hacked, but I also have issues with the electronic systems of voting. The lack of paper trail is unnerving.
I would have to agree with you all on the electronic voting. I feel that elections are just to important to do by automation. I would kind of be afraid that we would lose alot of the older voters due to not understanding how this new technology works. If they had the right kind of people to train the older people on how this would all work it might be different.