Obama is an African leader's name


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May 2, 2007
its not cause hes black and its not cause hes african american
its because he seems african...

obama obama blah!

also I created the Virtious party we are not in the middle
but we are sick of the far left and the far right
a few people have joined just call your Secretary of State

Biden dropped out and so did Edwards!

now all we got is Hillary! women day dream??? men dont!
I dont ramble you ****in prick and Im sick of vbulltin and if I get banned one more time Im taking this so called great message board to court
Oh, please do. If you do at some point find that the court case isn't going so well, you can always come back in a month.
I can't help but think the original poster would make Numinous proud. We should get the two of them together and see if they understand each other completely. :p