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Aug 31, 2006
I was just wonder who all does their Christmas shopping online? Do you find it cheaper in the long run? This is the first year I have done it online. And I think overall it is cheaper. Just have to watch the shipping and buy when they are having free shipping.
I like it because you don't have to wait in lines and drive back in forth to the brick and mortar stores. I also like that I can do most of my shopping in a half an hour.
I am with you on that. I never cared for some of the rude people you run across this time of year because they are in such a hurry. I like this option of staying home and doing my shopping so much easier all around.
I love shopping online. In general, I'm an anti-social asshole, and I hate shopping at the time of the year when parents find the compulsion to buy as much as humanely possible, and feel they're entitled to the roads, lines, and shopping centers. [Not to mention parking spaces]

And tater, if you know where to look, you can find free shipping [Or nearly free] coupon codes.
Anti-social asshole? That's my line! *points to his signature*

As somebody who has just spent several hours on various Xmas related projects (courtesy of his sister) I must say I'd really prefer online shopping, but...this way at least I do get my ass off the computer and around town, I guess.
I like a mixture of both. I don't like crowds and don't like to waste time but, I also like to be in the holiday atmosphere. But, online shopping is a great way to go. Pretty much any place you can think of has a website and you can also find some good auctions.
If I could I would do ALL my shopping online. Saves gas, having to lug the kids around and listen to their incessant whining, can be done in my pjs after everyone's asleep, gets delivered to your door. What's not to like about it? :D

However, some things you just CAN'T buy online because it doesn't "hit" you until you're in a store that it would be the PERFECT gift for the hard-to-buy for relative.
It looks like I will be doing most of my online for sure now that our second car just broke down. Thank goodness for the internet. I will go out and pick up the odds and ends just before Christmas.
I do at least some of my shopping online every year. My brother is really into NASCAR stuff. He has so much of it now, I pretty much have to resort to eBay to find something unique!
My new trick with online shopping this year is that I ordered a lot of the gift cards I'm using for Christmas gifts online. Talk about making it all simple!
Gift cards are great, in my opinion. That is, unless they are gift cards to fast food restaurants! I still can't believe that those things exist. "Merry Christmas, here's a $20 gift card to McDonald's!" Eesh.
If anybody wants to get me anything, I'd love a PS2 and Guitar Hero 2 :)

Well, that's just wishful thinking from me and I'm really not being serious about it at all. I just walked past it at the store and picked it up for a while...absolutely love it. Then I feel a bit guilty!
I stay out of the stores this time of year. Once the Christmas shopping is done (and I always try to have it done early), I don't want anything to do with all the rushing, the grabbing, the fighting over sales items, etc. I wold rather stay home and have a hot toddy.