Political commercials


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Nov 3, 2006
Anyone else super sick of the vote for prop commercials?! They're so annoying because they don't tell the whole story and there's so many of them! Go online and research to find out which props you FULLY agree with.
Yeah, I'd say propositions. They aren't supposed to tell the full story. It is the nature of debate and rhetoric to sway the masses.

This is why timing is key. Watch for changes in the patterns of the advertising immediately before voting- it swings the undecided voters by appealing to emotionalism.
Until the last few days, I've been amazed at the small amount of mud-slinging that has been going on in our gubernatorial race this time. However, things started heating up after a televised debate last Monday and I expect as we get into the final twenty-four hours, things will really be popping today.

Still, I have to admit it has been tame compared to years past. Maybe this is a trend that will continue? I hope?
There's been tons of mud-slinging where I live! I WILL vote tomorrow, but the trash ads don't do anything but make me NOT want to vote for the person doing the slinging!
The mud slinging has been terrible where I am at also. I would have to agree with you. When they resort to underhanded type tactics it doesn't make me feel more confident in voting for the candidate. I would much rather see the truth in ads and not their twisted version of the truth. And that goes for both sides. I cannot wait until after tomorrow and these will be off. And yes I may get disgusted but I always vote.
I'm just glad it's all over with for another 2 years. If I see/hear one more damn political attack ad.....

There was an obscene amout of mudslinging for the elections in my area, on both sides. I'm glad that I didn't register to vote in this district (it's not my permanent address), I probably wouldn't have bothered voting for either candidate.

I am also glad it's over, at least for a year or two.
I am so glad the election is over with. You are right though wait until the presidential election. I have a feeling it is going to be much more worse. I give it about a year if we are lucky and the mudslinging will be starting. Oh Joy, Joy.
Well, I don't know about mudslinging. It just seems that a lot of the commercials around the props were designed to draw attention to the part they wanted you to see so you didn't notice the rest. So shady.
And no one else had any thoughts on this? Alright, guess it's a dead topic. We'll see how it goes come election time.
I think it's something that most people here just don't want to think about because it induces depression.
I don't really pay too mauch attention to political ads. They are boring, couldn't possibly fill me in on what I need to know and many are too busy pointing fingers. Bleeck!
I didn't pay any more attention to the political ads than I do regular commercials. They don't address the topics that need to be discussed. They basically blast one another and sling dirt. In my opinion, they're a waste of money. I can't see how one advertisement is going to change the way a person is going to vote. I don't think it happens.